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Dec 24 10
Scania Paladin
I'm a level 144 markmans I'm not sure were to train at. IO mainly just boss now and train at were ever. No particular spot seems better than the rest.
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Dec 25 10
Windia Marksman
ToT is nice; Blizard, Dragons breath, walk forward while charging pierce, If your weak, throw in an Iron Arrow to finish them off.

Repeat. If you drop onto a smaller platform with many monsters on both sides, just quickly AE them.

Then repeat the first step on the bottom platforms, and use the tele to go back up.

Repeat on both sides.
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Dec 25 10
Windia Bandit
^speaks the truth. ToT gives great exp. If you really don't like that, possibly go wyverns?
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Dec 25 10
Bera Night Lord
Try soloing zak arms everyday, only if you don't mind doing the quests every week. ToT is your best choice. If you're stuck at like 95% and you don't feel like ToT anymore, pap on 1.2x
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Dec 25 10
Scania Marksman
The best exp would be zak arm exp, solo or party but it's hard to get in and a lot of low level people attempt to kill it so it takes forever. For training I recommend newties they are a lot better than memory lane 1 but you can die very easily especially when attempting to charge piercing arrow.
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