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Dec 26 10
Scania Hero
BaMs got a new haircut, what about WH ?

Also, Why is my picture a grey blob up there?
MapleStory Video: First Impression of Big Bang
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Dec 26 10
Mardia Battle Mage 4
MapleStory Screen: Freezing glitch MapleStory Video: MapleStory New Leaf Saga - Episode One - "Looking for Group"
Dec 26 10
Bera Blade Master
What above poster said. If you want to see it, look up Staggers or JiveVolt in rankings.
To change from a gray blob next to Mr.Basil, set your main char again.
MapleStory Screen: White Fiancee/Proposal Maple Story: i wonder if the mapling club foum will be censored...

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