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LVL 110 - 120 Training?

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Where should I train? I'm a lvl 111 marauder. Ive heard about MP3, pirates,etc. What do you guys reccomend? Please tell me =/
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ElConrad Level 154 Windia Battle Mage 4
I'd say pirates, i level there quite fast on my mage, small map, nice mini dungeon, LOTS of spawn
Dec 26 2010
deedeedee401 Level 155 Scania Marksman
i've been at pirates since 104 and its been decent, with the world wide X2 its a good option since it has a mini dungeon to train on so your guaranteed a spot
Dec 26 2010
I see! Thanks for the responsed guys!
Dec 26 2010
vHachi Level 189 Demethos Angelic Buster 4
Ive heard pirates are good.
Also where did u train from 100~110 im stuck on my marauder >-< -Not trying to hijack thread-
Dec 26 2010
Ehh I trained at gallos, but that was before the v.94 patch
Dec 26 2010
i go to the map outside of the mini dungeon i dont mind crowds but im in mardia and i need help with this to any other ideas?
Dec 26 2010
Yea the spawn is better outside the mini-dungeon but if your having trouble with ksers/finding a channel then use the dungeon.
Dec 26 2010

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