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LVL 110 - 120 Training?

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Where should I train? I'm a lvl 111 marauder. Ive heard about MP3, pirates,etc. What do you guys reccomend? Please tell me =/
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


ElConrad Level 154 Windia Battle Mage 4
I'd say pirates, i level there quite fast on my mage, small map, nice mini dungeon, LOTS of spawn
Dec 26 2010
deedeedee401 Level 93 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
i've been at pirates since 104 and its been decent, with the world wide X2 its a good option since it has a mini dungeon to train on so your guaranteed a spot
Dec 26 2010
I see! Thanks for the responsed guys!
Dec 26 2010
vHachi Level 189 Demethos Angelic Buster 4
Ive heard pirates are good.
Also where did u train from 100~110 im stuck on my marauder >-< -Not trying to hijack thread-
Dec 26 2010
Ehh I trained at gallos, but that was before the v.94 patch
Dec 26 2010
i go to the map outside of the mini dungeon i dont mind crowds but im in mardia and i need help with this to any other ideas?
Dec 26 2010
Yea the spawn is better outside the mini-dungeon but if your having trouble with ksers/finding a channel then use the dungeon.
Dec 26 2010

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