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The Jurgen Wrist Guard

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Dec 29 10
Hi basil,

I met someone at Mushroom Kingdom who was wearing this Jurgen Wrist Guard.
As soon as I saw the shield I thought it would be an excellent addition to my equips.
I asked him if I could buy it and he said no, and that it was really easy to get.
Supposedly he got it from Ligators, but I was pretty doubtful that it was true.
I checked on Basilmarket for the monsters that drop the Wrist Guard, and what do you know,
they are only dropped by Zeta Grays. I whispered the guy and he said that Basil probably wasn't updated.

To make the longish story short: Is it true that the Jurgen Wrist Guard is dropped by Ligators?

Thanks Basil.
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Dec 29 10*
Windia Shadower
He could be right. Due to Big Bang changing so much, Basil isn't updated fully on monster drops or even levels I think.

It could also explain why I've seen more in the FM lately...
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Dec 29 10
The drop lists on basil isn't updated yet. Heck, not even hidden street is fully updated yet. It's best to just trust that dude and find them at ligators.
Dec 29 10
Bera Wild Hunter 4
I got one from ligators as well.
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Dec 29 10
They have been a lot more common, a random guy (also at Mushroom Kingdom o-o) had 3 of them.
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Dec 29 10
i got one from ligators to it's extremely easy to get after the big bang
Dec 29 10
I got a total of 4 jurgen wristgaurds from ligators training for about 2 or 3 levels on my sin.
Dec 29 10
I have 1 in Khaini that I'm currently wearing.
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Dec 30 10
Broa Shadower
It takes about half an hour to get it and I've gotten a couple from training there, so yes it's true.

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