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Dec 31 10
Windia I/L Arch Mage
Just wondering where I can get this and if it's tradeable. Also, On Hidden-street, it says you can get a Reverse Dual Blade Mask from the Kerning City Gach and I was wondering is that only for DBs to wear cuz they already have a lv 100 mask...
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Dec 31 10
Windia Bow Master
I think the quality mask is also for thieves only and is from KC gach.
and untradeable.
Dec 31 10*
Bera Dragon Knight
I think its only for the thief class( nightwalker, Duel blader , Assassin Bandit)
Dec 31 10
Zenith Night Lord
its for the whole thief class.
Dec 31 10
Broa Blade Master
the reverse DB mask, is not for DB's although they can wear it. I believe it was meant to giv shads and NLs a chance at having a mask like that.
so, in short, all types of thieves can wear it.
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Dec 31 10
Scania Night Walker 4
You can karma it. But it's only for theives
Dec 31 10
Windia I/L Arch Mage
Thanks for all your answers. One more question just to be sure: I plan to make an Ultimate Shadower. So, If I want the Purple Quality Mask or Reverse Dual Blade Mask, I need to use gach tickets on my Shadower in Kerning City to hopefully obtain the item because it's not tradeable? Also, if anyone knows, is it hard to get?
Dec 31 10*
Scania Blade Master
Err, i'm pretty sure those masks were only available from gach in the "db release event" period. Cause alot of people are saying you can't get them for the last few months.
and no they're not tradable, sorry
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Dec 31 10
Windia I/L Arch Mage
AznRyaku: I have all 3 types of 100+ masks, the gachable ones can be worn by an NL/Shad as well.

Above, they will be removed from gach shortly.
I doubt you will get one on your ultimate shadower unless you're devoted, if they do stay.

Took around 100 for first mask, second took 72 give or take.

Yikes! When will they be removed?

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