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Dec 31 10
Windia Wind Archer 2
Anybody know a fix to it? I cant play my BaM because of a required quest thats next to Gaga. FUUUU
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Dec 31 10
Windia Wind Archer 2
Im not buying NX for "THAT" item.
Dec 31 10
Broa Warrior
my laptop cant handle it lol
New MapleStory Screen: Me hanging out with mrbasil :o
Dec 31 10
Mardia Mechanic 4
So i found out that i lag like hell near gaga/cassandra on my better laptop while i dont on my crappy laptop lol.
Dec 31 10
Windia Wind Archer 2
Why did Nexon have to punish the laptop users? WHY?
Dec 31 10
Zenith Crusader
Idk what you're on about it can't be all laptop users... cause mine runs perfectly near both Cassandra and Gaga I suggest sending a ticket, you may not get a reply, but it's most likely the best thing you can do.
Dec 31 10
Scania Dark Knight
omg me tooo my laptop dies
Dec 31 10
Bellocan Dark Knight
I sent a ticket 2 weeks ago and still no answer
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Dec 31 10
Bera Bow Master
M0neyJ4cker: nexon should make a quest where you are required to use nx

The quest for 3pets requires you to purchase pet snack from cash shop.
Dec 31 10
Bera Dark Knight
SwordStruck: Get the Cash Shop penguin item that lets you complete and start quests from far far away.

Does it work in Tatooine?
New MapleStory Screen: Dinchmanizer.
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