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Jan 01 11
Galicia Mercedes 4
NOTE: The Bucc/Corsair issue and the channel is fixed.

Chapter 1: Entries and Requirements

  1. You must be at least level 100 to ENTER the map.
  1. You must have at least one Eye of Fire in your inventory.
  1. You must have done the pre-quests.
  1. You must have killed Zakum before (the normal mode).
  1. You must be in cc11.

Chapter 2: Recommendations

Because of the new stupid accuracy formula, you have to be at least level 121 to hit Chaos Zakum (the chaos version is still level 140). I recommend level 130 and above for this expedition. Make sure you have at least one Dark Knight or Bishop in your party.

Chapter 3: How to start the expedition

  1. CC11
  1. Join an expedition or create an expedition by pressing T and going to Chaos Zakum Expedition and press CREATE.

If you created the expedition, you need to do the following.
  1. Get all your Zakummers to Dead Mine: Entrance to Chaos Zakumís Altar.
  1. Talk to Adobis to join.

Once youíre inside Final Mission: Chaos Zakumís Altar, let someone drop the Eye of Fire in the front of the altar and go kill.

Chapter 4: Our roles

Hero: You are the arm mobber. Spam Brandish in the arms and Zakumís mobs and keep Rage buffed for your party. Use Brave Slash in the body.
Paladin: You are the attacker for the right side of the arms and the body. Use Heavenís Hammer to easily take out Arm 6 and speed up the killing process.
Dark Knight: This is obvious. YOU need to keep Hyper Body buffed. Pay attention to what your party member says, in case you need to buff them.
Fire/Poison Arch Mage: You are responsible for keeping the lower side of Zakumís arms from attacking. Use Meteor Shower the second it cools down.
Ice/Lighting Arch Mage: Because of you, the arms will take a LOT less time. Kill arm 6 quickly and remember to use Blizzard when it cools down.
Bishop: We only need one Bishop per party, and the level doesnít really matter. Just remember to heal, heal, and heal and use Holy Symbol. Donít be afraid to spam the heal key because Zakum doesnít have Zombify. Make sure to heal your ppls who are seduced.
Night Lord: Used to kill Arm 5 quickly. Use haste every minute and DO NOT ATTACK when Zakum summons mobs. Just donít attack. Donít ask me why.
Shadower: It is actually rare for a shadower to act as a mob clearer. But, you should not use Boomerang Step that often. Attack the left side of Zakum.
Bowmaster: Itís pretty obvious. Sharp Eyes. Attack the right side of Zakum and spam Hurricane.
Marksman: You have one KEY skill: Snipe. This should keep you busy and attack the top right side of Zakum.
Corsair: I havenít played one, but Battleship Cannon should be helpful.
Buccanneer: I havenít played one either. Just remember to not stand too close to Zakum.
Aran: Mob the RIGHT side of Zakum using Overswing. When you do buffing, first put on Body Pressure and Snow charge during the arms. Then use Combo Drain then Barrier, then use Tempest when you get 200 combos (should be able to use it every minute). When Zakum summons mobs, cancel snow charge so you can hit them. Then, after that, reapply it after mobs are killed.
Evan: Spam Earthquake or Blaze during the arms and mobs. Use idk, Illusion during the Body. Iím counting on you hero Evans!
Dual Blade: Touching Zakum=death. I actually recommend you to use Fatal Blow during anything, and use Final Cut and Sudden Raid upon cooldown.
Battle Mage: You are the buffer. I recommend Dark auras and use Finish Blow for main atk and use Dark Genesis and that tornado thingy when it cools down.
Wild Hunter: Absolutely needed. Use any skills you want and just remember to use Beast Form when it cools down. DO NOT be in a party with a Dark Knight.

Chapter 5: Walkthrough

Arms 1 and 2: Use Magic attack, so Mages should do well in it. HP: 264,000,000. EXP: 1,612,800
Arms 3 and 4: Recommended for warriors (and battle mages) to attack them since they drain HP and MP. HP: 176,000,000. EXP: 1,075,200.
Arms 5: Ranged chars should attack it. Beware of curses from it. HP: 220,000,000. EXP: 1,344,000.
Arm 6: EVERYONE should attack this arm at first. It heals Zakum 1 million HP once every minute. When this is killed, then everyone go to their specified arms. HP: 220,000,000. EXP: 1,344,000.
Arm 7 and 8: Arm 7 is recommended for Wild Hunters and 8 are recommended for Warriors. This should be fast and easy. HP: 202,400,000. EXP: 1,236,480.
Chaos Zakum1: REMEMBER, when all arms die, REMEMBER TO SPAM POTIONS because 1/1 happens so often. When HP falls below 50%, Arans cancel out Snow Charge. HP: 748,000,000.
Chaos Zakum2: Just a harder version of Chaos Zakum1. HP: 904,000,000.
Chaos Zakum3: Here is where everyone, and most parties fails. REMEMBER, Bishops need to heal the seduced ppls! DO NOT FORGET TO POT, AND DO NOT EXPECT THE BISHOP TO HEAL YOU! Everyone please buff yourselves and tell Chaos Zakum: good game!
HP: 1,280,000,000. EXP: 8,877,840.

Chapter 6: How fast do I need to kill?

Here is a general idea.
1:25:00- Arm 6 should be dead.
1:10:00- Arm 5 and 1 or 2 should be dead.
1:00:00- Only arm 7 and 8 should be left.
0:55:00- All arms dead.
0:45:00- Chaos Zakum1 should be almost dead.
0:30:00- Chaos Zakum2 should be dead.
You should kill CZak at 10:00.
TOTAL HP: 4,565,800,000. Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes (5400 seconds)
The expedition needs to do 845518 damages per second in o
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Jan 01 11
Broa Night Lord
Little error, it's ch 11. Not 1
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Jan 01 11
Renegades Phantom 4
Nice guide
Jan 01 11
Windia Rogue
Bad guide. You forgot about seduce, got the wrong channels, and you don't need a bishop/drk.
Jan 01 11
KradiaGMS Demon Slayer 4
SupHobo: Since when do Buccaneers have battle ship? O:

he switched them by accident. Great guide though. i'm saving this for when i'll be able to go on czak runs with my friends.
Jan 01 11
Galicia Aran 4
Cool guide.
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Jan 01 11
Galicia Mercedes 4
qazwsx7: Bad guide. You forgot about seduce, got the wrong channels, and you don't need a bishop/drk.

Under the bishop section, do you see "and make sure to heal your ppls that are seduced"?
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Jan 01 11*
Windia Rogue
JeffieAran: Under the bishop section, do you see "and make sure to heal your ppls that are seduced"?

Entering order.
Try hosting a run before you make a guide. It helps a lot.
Jan 01 11
Yellonde I/L Arch Mage
bulcs dont have battle ship cannon i think
Jan 01 11
Scania Wild Hunter 4
You mixed up Buccaneer and Corsair.
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