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How do miracle cubes work?

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How does miracle cubes work? Do you have to use it on a item that already has potential or can it be used on a zhelm which doesnt have any potential for example?
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you need an item that already has potentials. you can use a potential scroll on an item and if you dont like the stats, then you use a cube
Jan 01 2011
wait i dont get it, so in my example i wouldnt be able to cube my zhelm?
Jan 01 2011
It has to have a potential to use a cube. It then resets the potenial.
Say an earrings pot is +2luk and +2 int. You can cube it to reset the potential. So, it might end up like 6% int and 6% luk.
Jan 01 2011
You have to use it on an item that already have potential stats shown and the miracle cube would change those stats but not the lines. Potential can be made with potential scroll on item that don't have potential or out the ground with potential.
Jan 01 2011
First, you buy the cube. Then, you double click it so it will transfer to your inventory. After that, leave the cash shop and double click the miracle cube. Drag an item WITH potential into the little dotted box. Press okay. Get crap. Feel bad for yourself. Not much to it, really.
Jan 01 2011
How do I get potential scrolls?
Jan 01 2011
How do I get potential scrolls?[/quote]
Buy it, or find it. Buying it is easier, it's a couple mil.

If your scared of booming your Z-Helm don't do it. If the potential fails, the item dissapears.

Or is that for only EE scrolls?
Jan 01 2011
im thinking of buying a advanced potential scroll and using it on my zhelm. I found one for 20mil is that a good deal?
Jan 02 2011

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