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How to get the Rare Jaguar, Jaira

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Jan 02 11
Hi everyone! KillerRed9 here with a little guide for all of you Wild Hunters.

So, ever wondered how people got the jaguar with crescent face paint, glowing yellow eyes, and midnight skin (some may say fur...)?
I'll tell you right now.

Alright, so before I start to say the info, you MUST know this:
-There are 10 Jaguar Habitat rooms, and which one you go into is random.
-There are 19 channels, so 19x10=190.

Jaira spawns in several rooms, in several channels (I'm guessing about 2 rooms per channel, out of 8-12 channels) at 12:30 AM (Pacific time zone) and dies at 1:00 AM.
Be aware of the fact that many people will be searching for him. It took me 3 days to find him. You catch him the same way as other jaguars, but Jaira has more HP.

Jaira not only looks good, but has some raised stats as well.
Speed: 180%
Jump: 120%

That's about it. Now I'm gonna sleep. I'm WAY tired.
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Jan 02 11
Wanna race? f3
Jan 02 11
My only reason to catch Jaira is for it's looks.
I have 190% Speed and 123% Jump already sooooo yeah.
Jan 02 11
Galicia Wild Hunter 4
Wait, its 12:30? I thought it was 12.
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Jan 02 11
I just caught one. It appeared at 3:52am EST on the middle left platform (same one where the black jag that takes 25 dmg appears). Everyone seems to be searching for her at the bottom so I hope this helps.

Interestingly, I saw one in ch17 and tried to catch it but this girl came in and snatched it as my capture was recharging. She said she though i wasn't trying to get it and then she helped me find another one in ch19 0_o. I guess there are nice people on Maple.
Jan 02 11
Thank you very much! I got a Jaira on my first try thanks to you. Really helpful.
Jan 02 11
Scania Corsair
I just saw one appear in room 502 ch 2 in scania at 12:29 ish am, and then it died at 12:44 by itself, so it doesnt always die at 1:00. It lasts 15 minutes on its own if nobody catches it.
Jan 02 11
Windia Kanna 4
i made a WH just for fun and caught jaira first thing lmaooooo from hearing that it spawns after 12:30am from you
got it around 12:35ish?
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Jan 02 11
KradiaGMS Kaiser 4
I'm trying this tomorrow. Hopefully it helps.
Jan 02 11
i got lucky catching it just wait in a ch from anywhere between 2-5am eastern time and it should spawn, I saw about 3 get stolen from me when a different person came in on my ch so good luck catching it without people fighting you tooth and nail for it...
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