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The Path of a Buccaneer(Skill Build Guide Post Big Bang)

Buccaneer Forum Talk about Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer

kelvinzero Level 132 Kradia Demon Slayer 4
The Path of a Buccaneer


  1. Introduction
  2. Beggining your Adventure
  3. Making your way to a Maruader: CJs' build and Ihaveabucc's Builds available.
  4. The Real Adventure begins the Path of a Buccaneer: CJs' build and Ihaveabucc's Builds available.
  5. Credits
  6. Videos of iframes from yours truely.

This is only a skill build post Big Bang For BasilMarket community.
This is my First Guide Created for the sole purpose to guide the Buccaneers of the future.
I tried to have an open discussion about this but like only one person post so I'm just going
to this and get to the point. Now i got My friend ihaveabucc contribute to the guide since i
pretty much covered the pirate and brawler he has giving me his 3rd and 4th jobs build to add to guide.

Beginning your adventure:

Bullet Time
Increases accuracy and avoidability. Passive Skill

Press left or right arrow twice to temporarily boost speed and jumping ability. Active Skill

Double Shot
Fires two bullets at once to apply double damage to monsters. Active Skill
Level 20: MP -7, Damage: 110%

Flash Fist
Uses MP to speed up the punch to rapidly attack enemies. Active Skill

Somersault Kick
A devastating kick that accompanies a backward summersault. Attacks all enemies in the vicinity. Active Skill
SSK=Summersault kick
FF=Flash Fist
BT=Bullet time

Skill Build:
Level 10 - 17: 1st SSK(Max) 2(Flash fist)
Level 18 - 23: FF(Maxed)
Level 24 - 30: BT(Maxed) DoubleShot(1)

Build Explanation: Now post big bang Accuracy is not really necessary.
However, Bullet time should be dead last to be maxed 1 point into DS because dash gets replaced by both
transformations or even a Mount. This can mess you up during a combo. SSK should be the first skill to be
maxed because Mobbing wise it has a lot of range and hits up to 6 monsters. Flash Fist is good to build up
Charge at dojo i cant see no more use to it (O_o).

Crossroads of a pirate The Brawler:

Backspin Blow
This skill allows you to quickly slide back and elbow multiple monsters at once to apply damage and temporarily stun them. Active Skill

Corkscrew Blow
This skill allows you to run forward and punch multiple monsters in front at once. Active Skill

Critical Punch
Increases your Critical Rate and the minimum Critical Damage. Passive Skill
Level 10: Critical rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +10%

Double Uppercut
A quick round of two punches to apply damage and temporarily stun the monster. Active Skill

HP Boost
Permanently increases your Max HP. Passive Skill

Knuckle Booster
Uses parts of HP and MP to temporarily boost the speed of Knucklers. This skill can only be triggered when the Knuckler is equipped. Active Skill
Knuckle Mastery Level 5

Knuckle Mastery
Boosts the accuracy and the mastery of the Knucklers. This skill can only applies when you're equipped with the Knuckler. Passive Skill

MP Recovery
Recovers MP by using HP. Active Skill

Oak Barrel
This skill allows you to safely navigate your way through monsters without being recognized by donning an Oak Barrel. If you are lying down, it's literally impossible to tell whether you're fake or not, lowering the odds of being spotted. Active Skill

BSB=Back Spin Blow
CSB=Corkscrew Blow
CP=Critical punch

Skill build:
Level 30 BSB (1)
Level 31-34 Mastery (5) Booster (6) CSB(1)
Level 35-40 Mastery (Max) CP(3)
Level 41-43 CP(Max) BSB(3)
Level 44-49 BSB(Max) CSB(2)
Level 51-56 CSB(Max)
Level 57-60 HP(Max) MP recovery(2)
Level 61-63 MP Recovery(Max) Booster (7)
Level 63-66 Booster(Maxed) Oak(1).
Level 67-70 Oak(Max) Free points (3)

Build Explanation:
The pirate's critical cannot be compared to an assassin's critical because of a 30% gap between both skills when they are maxed.
Therefore, Mastery should be your first priority because your damage becomes stronger and stable. Hp increase only gives you 20%
boost of your base HP, so you won't need it until late 50s. Critical should be maxed right after Mastery to improve damage.

BSB should be maxed faster then other attacking skills because of it's iframe, Spammability(i don't think thats even a word O_o)
and strong attack without charging. CorkScrew is strong but it has lost its iframesand its relatively slow trying to spam it, however,
it's very strong charged up and sometimes good for mobility. MP recovery is a veryusefull skill in dojo because of our high hp.Also,
mp recovery is useful during training because it can save potions.

Booster needs to be maxed because of Speed infusion requirements. Free Skill Points will be left because there is no point on maxing double uppercut.
It got severly nerfed and its not as good as pre big bang so its just better to max oak barrel. Oak barrel might actually become useful during a boss run!

Making your way to a Marauder:

Brawling Mastery
Increases the damage of Backspin Blow, Double Uppercut, and Corkscrew Blow. Passive Skill

Energy Blast
Blasts a ball of energy to attack multiple monsters at once. This skill can only be used when the energy is full charged. Active Skill
Energy Charge Level 1

Energy Charge
A set amount of energy is charged after every attack. When the energy is fully charged, this will automatically trigger the effects of the Power Guard and Power Stance will be triggered at a specific rate. This will allow you to use energy-related skills. Passive Skill

Energy Drain
Uses energy to convert the lost HP of a monster into your own HP. This skill can only be used when the energy is fully charged. Active Skill
Energy Charge Level 1

Roll of the Dice
Test your luck! Roll a dice to get a random Buff. Roll a 1 and you get nothing. Roll 1: nothing, Roll 2: DEF +30%, Roll 3: HP and MP +20%, Roll 4: Critical +15%, Roll 5: Damage +20%, and Roll 6: EXP +30%. Active Skill

Strikes the ground with tremendous force, affecting multiple monsters. This skill can only be used during Transformation or Super Transformation. Active Skill
Transformation Level 1

Stun Mastery
When attacking a monster that's stunned, the critical attack will be triggered at a set rate. Passive Skill

Transforms you into a more powerful state for 180 seconds. Can use all skills except Oak Barrel, Double Fire, Demolition and Snatch. Active Skill

BM=Brawling Mastery
EC=Energy Charge
EB=Energy Blast
SM=Stun Mastery

CJ's Skill Build :
Level 70-73 BM(MAX)
Level 74 EC(1) EB(2)
Level 75-80 EB(Maxed)
Level 81-87 EC(Maxed) Drain (1) SM(1)
Level 88-94 SM(Maxed) Drain(3)
Level 95-102 LuckyD(Maxed) Drain(4)
Level 103-108 Drain(Maxed)
Level 109-115 Transformation(Maxed)
Level 116-120 Free Points

Explanation for Build:
This build is focused on BSB mostly because it can be used in so many ways. For this reason we max brawling mastery ASAP.
After that, we max Blast because its a free skill(No Mp required), it hits 4 monsters at max and it's a secondary Mob skill for clearance.
Energy Charge should be maxed because the higher the level, the faster your bar will charge up. Up next, we have Stun Mastery which
improves the damage while a monster is stunned with criticals.

Next, we have Lucky Dice to determine how lucky you are! Its an ok Skillbut it helps out if you roll a 4,5,6 at the right time. We max Drain
a bit late because most monsters don't deal a lot of damage until you hit late levels.So now Drain is the only attack skill left useful to max
because it does high damage, it's great for some bosses and recovers hp while you have no mp! Transformation should be maxed
of the requirements for Super Transformation enough said.(Super Transformation=Crack,Steroids ^_^) Feel free to max what ever you want
with remaining skills points left.

Ihaveabucc's Skill build:
level 70: BM(1)
level 71: EC(1) EB(1) SM(1)
level 72: BM(3) Drain(1)
level 73 - 75: BM(Maxed) EC(3)
level 76 - 81: EC(Maxed)
level 82 - 87: SM(Maxed)
level 88 - 94: EB(Maxed) Dice(2)
level 95 - 100: Dice (Maxed)
level 101 - 107: Drain (Maxed) Transformation(1)
level 108 - 113: Transformation (Maxed)
level 114 - 120: Free Points

Explanation: After BB, every training places have tons of mobs, and is generally flat territory (Jesters in NLC, Sand Rats in Magatia, etc)
so until lvl 90 you can keep training using BSB. I recommend it this way so the marauder focus on gaining extra power into BSB because it will
be the main skill (for now), raising Brawling Mastery for extra attack, Energy Charge for more attack for your char, and Stun Mastery to do extra
critical dmg. After maxing these skills, u focus on improve Energy Blast to deal great and fast dmg to 4 mobs. Dice will help u train specially when
it gives u the 5 or 6 number buff. At last, but no less, max Transformation for the next skill on Bucc, Super Transformation (awesome ).

The Real Adventure Begins The Path of a Buccaneer Must Walk.

Attacks a monster nearby 6 times in quick succession. Active Skill

Apply a significant amount of damage to a single monster by attacking it 8 times at blinding speed. Only available when under a state of Super Transformation. Active Skill
Super Transformation
Level 30: MP -50, Damage 410%, Enemy DEF Ignored 20%

Dragon Strike
Summons a sleeping dragon from the depths of the ground to apply damage to a number of monsters. Active Skill

Energy Orb
Uses a blast of powerful energy to strike monsters Active Skill
Energy Charge Level 1

Hero's Will
Enables one to escape from abnormal conditions. The higher the skill level, the more variety of abnormal conditions one can escape from. Time required between skills: 10 Minutes Active Skill

Maple Warrior
Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Active Skill

Pirate's Revenge
When attacked, you have a chance to increase your attack damage. The higher the skill level, the longer the buff. Pirate's Revenge can only proc once every 50 seconds. Active Skill
Level 10: Proc Chance 40%, Damage +15%, Duration 45 seconds

Applies damage to a monster that's far away, and drags it right in front of you. Only available when under state of Super Transformation. Active Skill
Super Transformation Level 1

Speed Infusion
Uses HP and MP to temporarily increase the attacking speed of a weapon. Active Skill
Knuckle Booster Level 20

Super Transformation
Increases power to extreme levels for 180 seconds. Can use all skills except Oak Barrel and Double Fire. Active Skill
Transformation Level 20

Time Leap
Reset the waiting time for skills for yourself and everyone in the party. Active Skill

SI=Speed Infusion
DS=Dragon Strike
ST=Super Transformation
TL=Time Leap

Level 120 SI(1)DS (1) ST(1)
Level 121 Barrage (1) Demo(1) TL(1)
Level 122-125 Pirate's Revenge(Maxed) DS(3)
Level 126-134 DS(Maxed)
Level 135-141 ST(Maxed)
Level 142-152 Demo(Maxed) Snatched (1)
Level 153+ This your Story and I'm not part of it.

Skill Build Explanation:
Congratulations you have made it this far but your journey is just about to start! At job advance we get 3 Free SP ZOMG!
SI speeds up the attacks of a lot of classes with slow attacks mainly, DS is the best training move in the game, ST automatic
Haste buff.Next level Barrage is safe because it still has iframes left through the whole animation, this move can almost ks anyone,
Demolition is stronger then Barrage and has decent amount of iframes during animation, and time leap can save your party some
time.(Build Paused)
(Short Dialogue)
You:waiting for a cooldown?

Party member: yeah*sigh*.

You:Forget it about it XD.

Party Member: WOOT thxs your a life saver buccs own.

You: I know right.

(build explanation continued)
First max pirate's rage because it gives 20% damage. Next, you max your main Mobing move Dragon Strike.
This skill is better then pre big bang because its spammable and allows faster training. It replaces SSK at this
point and you can take off SSK(As soon as you get 1 sp on DS SSK should be removed from your keyboard,
i know most of you are really happy.)

Next, Super Transformation should be maxed because it improves speed
of training with mobility(haste effect) and +42 WATK. This Skill last 180 seconds and the cooldown is only 200 seconds.
Lets do the math 200-180=20 seconds left before it can be used again. Pretty sweet eh?Demolition Should be Maxed
after ST because this is your main bossing move, so forget anything else exist unless your trying to survive. Last point
I give you is 1 SP on snatch because it stuns and also pulls monsters. From here on my friends I cannot assist you
because I don't want you to become mindless robots. Create your own path. This is your MapleStory.

Ihaveabucc's skill build:
lvl 120: DS(1) Barrage(1) SI(1)
lvl 121: ST(1) Demo(1) TL(1)
lvl 122 - 130: DS(Maxed)
lvl 131 - 134: Pirate's Revenge(Maxed) ST(2)
lvl 135: ST(3) Demo(3)
lvl 136: ST(4) Demo(5)
lvl 137: ST(5) Demo(7)
lvl 138: ST(6) Demo(9)
lvl 139: ST(7) Demo(11)
lvl 140: ST(8) Demo(13)
lvl 141: ST(9) Demo(15)
lvl 142: ST(10) Demo(18)
lvl 143 - 146: Demo(Maxed)
lvl 147 - 150: ST(Maxed) Snatch(1) MW(1)
lvl 151 - 160: MW(Maxed, If you are rich.)
lvl 161 - 200: Free Points

Explanation: Dragon Strike is THE BEST Skill for mob. Until lvl 134, u will train (relatively) faster, after that,
it will become a pain in the butt, so the best way for lvling will be bossing. The perfect skill for that is Demolition,
dealing 8 hits to a single monster and ignoring some % of his defense, too cool to be true (but it is ). But Demolition
only works on ST, so this is why u can raise both of them at same time.

ST 10 has a cooldown of 240 secs and its onfor 180 secs, doing some maths: 240 - 180: 60 secs,
enough time to wait for having +30 ATT and keep spamming Demolition.After maxin Demo, lets
power up our ST raising it to 20, to have just 20 secs of waiting to use it again, plus +42 ATT, great defense
and full auto haste =D. Next on it, we focus on powering ourselves and our pty members by giving Maple Warrior.


CJSparrowSTR aka kelvinzero on basil user.
Hyperkick2 aka Ihaveabucc on basil user(contributor for third and 4th jobs builds.)
ObsidianWing aka Halfhearted basil user.(Header helper thxs!, told me to proof read and fix.)
My friend Lino(who helped me proof read it and fix it up.)

Iframe Videos post big bang:

For the videos i suggest you watch them at youtube full screen best quality so you can see what im saying.

Number 1:
Number 2: skip to 6:50 for tutorial first few mins alot of showing off F3.
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Thanks man but i did put abreviations if you look carefully O_o or should i take out and put the big name?[/quote]

Put the big names.
No need though since you put the abbreviations though and explained what they are.
It would help if you put a part for AP too but since it's a skill build...
Jan 03 2011
kelvinzero Level 132 Kradia Demon Slayer 4
Put the big names.
No need though since you put the abbreviations though and explained what they are.
It would help if you put a part for AP too but since it's a skill build...[/quote]

Aight thxs thats why i put the Abbreviations to save some time. I would but i a suck in math XD to make an ap guide would not be for me i suggest u communicate with shikage he still active and he can probably update.
Jan 04 2011
rmktrail550 Level 200 Galicia Buccaneer
good job this is a slot of help
Jan 04 2011
I heard that after the newer patches, Energy Orb will outdamage dragon strike in almost every way, and it already outdamages dragon strike when it hits 5 monsters or more, according to Takebacker's ultimate brawler guide.
Jan 04 2011
To make a header, do [.header]blahblahblah[./header] without the dots.
Jan 04 2011
yeah Energy Orb pwns but remember that Energy Orb can be used when ur energy bar is fulfill, and when u're bossing it becomes kinda hard to do it. Plus, the energy bar just last for 60 secs, while Dragon Strike can be used 4ever
Jan 05 2011
kelvinzero Level 132 Kradia Demon Slayer 4
**Updated** Any other suggestions i really need your help to get it looking good and stickied ^_^ .
Also i need someone to help get in the Skills pictures in the guide.
Jan 05 2011
I THINK it has to be stickied before you can post pictures, but I don't know for certain.

You need to space some of your larger paragraphs out more, namely the explanations. Breaking them into strings of 2-3 sentences makes them easier to digest.
It also makes it much easier for you to go in and edit stuff when you need to, as well as proofread for errors and other stuff.

I don't like having to read a huge paragraph in one go, and I'm hardly alone. Breaking them up makes your guide much more accessible.
Jan 05 2011
kelvinzero Level 132 Kradia Demon Slayer 4
I heard that after the newer patches, Energy Orb will outdamage dragon strike in almost every way, and it already outdamages dragon strike when it hits 5 monsters or more, according to Takebacker's ultimate brawler guide.[/quote]
We have a long way to go for that update.
**updated** Has been proof read and fixed many errors. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Jan 05 2011
Takeback3r Level 205 Khaini Cannoneer 4
This guide has a lot of typos and grammar mistakes. Is english not your first language?

Also i don't really think the videos do much to show extensive iframe control. I kinda liked the first video because the song was from 30sec2mars but other than that it wasn't really anything of substance. The second video was really just you screwing around showing your equips and stuff. Even when you got past 7:00 you were just spamming BSB and using barrage and stuff.

I heard that after the newer patches, Energy Orb will outdamage dragon strike in almost every way, and it already outdamages dragon strike when it hits 5 monsters or more, according to Takebacker's ultimate brawler guide.[/quote]

I read orb as blast in this quote and i was like "wtp? where does it say that?".

Yeah. Orb is stronger than DS after chaos.

@ above: Chaos is confirmed for this summer in GMS. >_>
Jan 07 2011
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