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Papulatus Pre-quest Guides?

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is there a decent one for pre-quests and/or advice on killing it? I cant seem to find one
thanks for any responses
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Could some one tell me how to breath?
Jan 12 2011
Just inhale and then exhale, rinse and repeat.
Jan 12 2011
1. Be level 120
2. Talk to Mr. Buffoon
3. Get 10 Tachions from any ludi monster after the path of time
4. Talk to Buffoon again
5. Get 300 Tachions and 100 magic powder
6. Talk to Mr. buffoon again
7. Talk to flo
8. hunt the three pieces of cracked dimension from Gigs or grims
9. Talk to flo, then buffoon
10. Hunt Ludi medal from thanatos/ gatekeeper
11. Fight Papulatus!
Jan 12 2011
off topic but how do people get multiple cracked pieces of dimensions? the only way i can properly train now a days is to boss. any help would be necessary.

sorry didnt mean to hijack useless thread.
Jan 12 2011
I'm wondering, does the quest still give fames? I like my negative fames and +30 would be bothersome. [/quote]

Yes 30, did it last night
Jan 12 2011
k9999 Level 143 Khaini Marksman
Jan 12 2011
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