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Resistance: Mechanics Skills on BasilMarket

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Jan 14 11
Broa Jett 4
Greetings Basilers,

all of the skills for the upcoming Mechanic class have now been added to BasilMarket. You can find them at the following links.

Mechanic 1
Mechanic 2
Mechanic 3
Mechanic 4

Get ready for the resistance and start planning out your skill builds today!

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Jan 14 11
Broa Spearman
Wooh, I'm excited for Mechanics!
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Jan 14 11
Bera I/L Arch Mage
Jan 14 11
Windia Corsair
Okay, I just looked over all their skills. I have absolutely, ABSOLUTELY no idea how they are Pirates. I shall continue sailing the seven seas, they'll fly and summon Megazords. Genius.
Jan 14 11
Windia Kaiser 4
nice thanks alot!
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Jan 14 11
Scania Aran 4
Woot! go Mechanics!
Jan 14 11
KradiaGMS Evan 9th Growth
i kinda wish mech skillbooks are nx
so no random nubs can go ks a pro
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Jan 14 11
Scania Wind Archer 2
Thanks Mr.B!
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Jan 14 11
Zenith Dark Knight
Yay. Can't wait~
Jan 14 11
ElNido Night Lord
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