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Jan 16 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
Post below please of what good mech names would be
New MapleStory Screen: New crazy mount!
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Jan 16 11
Bera Dark Knight
I went with StiffNRB.
Jan 16 11
Scania Cannoneer 4
something with "mech" in it that relates to something
EX:i named my mechanic MechDonalds
Jan 16 11
Broa Brawler
burnabyty: something with "mech" in it that relates to something
EX:i named my mechanic MechDonalds

omg i was about to say MechDonalds D: I love that name!
Jan 16 11*
Bera Night Lord
Like he said something with mech in it ^^^^
Mine is iFullMetal, [ITS LVL 40 CITIZEN :O]
If i advance as a mech will it get the sp? or did i waste my time lvling it up?
Jan 16 11
Scania Dark Knight
hmm I didnt want to use mech or anything, and I had Outsize for a very long time as a mule, and I figured, no other class is bigger then my soon to be mechanic.
so Outsize it is
Jan 16 11
Galicia Bow Master
last time I check Robama and RobObama weren't taken
Jan 16 11
Broa Hero
something cool and funny like iEpicMechanic
or KoolMechXD
or xmechanicxz
New MapleStory Screen: Super snowboard - ATK 108
Jan 16 11
Bera Blade Lord
New MapleStory Screen: Yetis in fm?
Jan 16 11
Bera Hero
Like everyone else, mine has "Mech" in it. (Mechanizatio)
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