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Jan 18 11
Windia Shadower
Okay, so a few days ago, I went to log on. Everything went well until the channel select screen. I chose my channel, and it sent me back to the nexon website with the "You have been disconnected from the login server" message. I checked out my character info and what-not and saw that my rank was "rookie." I am under the impression this is a ban, but I would just like to be certain before I go all RAGE. Thank you very much in advance~
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Jan 18 11
Bera Phantom 4
yeah rookie = banned.
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Jan 18 11
Windia Shadower
Thanks a lot guys, glad I got this cleared up. Any idea how long the ban might be for? Like, the length of other people who got banned recently's ban times. I apologize if that did not make any sense whatsoever.
Jan 18 11
Scania Blaze Wizard 3
yea it's like a 3 day ban. depends what is it.
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Jan 18 11*
Windia Shadower
Oh, okay. Thanks a lot once again xD I was hoping it would be like, a week to a month or so, but this is even better
Jan 18 11
Broa Blade Lord
It really depends on the ban. It can be a week, or 3 days. Or lifetime ban
Jan 18 11
Windia Dark Knight
Go to game launcher and try to login there and it'll tell you how long you've been ban for
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Jan 18 11
Scania Blade Recruit
Dylanchu3: Go to game launcher and try to login there and it'll tell you how long you've been ban for


I got a random ban when I kept getting d/ced.

And I kept hitting the monsters (bad on my part), when they were lagging. I ended getting a GM Message ban for a day.
Jan 18 11
Renegades Shadower
... Lawl "Illegal Cash Transactions" =.=
..... I was going to get to 101 this weekend -sigh-
Why is nexon spamming bans on innocent people... I see this all over basil....
Jan 18 11
Windia Shadower
How do I get to the game launcher? Noob question amirite? Anywho, I also just tried logging on using the "View all characters" option. It showed 5 of my characters, whom I was able to log on to. What I'm getting at is, is it possible to only have a few characters banned?
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