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Zakum PreQuest Guide?

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Can anyone guide me through the zak quests? or point me in the general direction where there is a guide?
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WORD ! I used that guide too. Finished mine yesterday.
Here's a tip on the JQ : Put on a song that gets you so pumped up :], I was failing til I put on my song then BAM ! Went through it like nothing :]
Jan 18 2011
larryd23 Level 200 Windia Night Lord

Search "Maplestory Zakum Quest"
Jan 18 2011
it took me 3 hours. but im terrible at jump quests
Jan 19 2011
For jump quest make sure to go slow to learn where all the rocks fall and when the totems fire stuff at your..
if you fall dont get frustrated just go like.. "eh alright no problem lets try again"
Jan 19 2011
it took me 3 hours. but im terrible at jump quests[/quote]

Jan 19 2011

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