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Targa/Scar prequests guide ?

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Hi guys, im a lvl 74 wildhunter and im planning to do a scar run with my guild.
but i have to do the prequests.
does anybody have a guide for it ? thnks guys
AlittlekidLevel 145 Scania Bow Master
Posted: January


lol just do all the quests from Lam and you're good to go.
Jan 18 2011
I think prequests are from level 90.

Not really a guide. Lam tells you to kill stuff and loot stuff and that's pretty much it...
Jan 18 2011
Prequests start at level 80, you have to be 90 to run.

XxSluhsiexXLevel 209 Bera Luminous 4
Jan 18 2011

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