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How do I go to Neo City?

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memory829 Level 166 Bera Hero
umm I have been wondering about this for 3 days, then I decided to let you basilers help me out.
ok this is what happened, few days ago I was finding some vids for MS on youtube/basil, then I saw some videos about pplz exploring Neo City, they never showed me how to get in there. I logged on to ask my friends, and they told me I need this watch thingy to go to Neo City, and I asked them how do I get this "watch thingy"? and they said the watch thingy drops from any monsters in leafre, and I got like 6 watches, then I talked to the time machine in Tera Forest, and it said "one of your party member is not in the same map" then I created a party and invited one of my friends, and I tried again, and it said "one of your party member is not in the same map"

Can anyone help me out?
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You need 2 people or more to enter Neo City now.
Jan 19 2011
ProBlades Level 70 Bera Aran 3
1.Do the prequests, they start in Magatia from Han the Broker.
2.Have 2 or more people in your party.
3.Leader has to have a Time Travelers Pocket Watch.
Jan 19 2011
What you need to do, to be able to enter Neo-city, is to start a quest in Magatia, with a NPC called Han the Broker.
From there, follow the quests through, and they will lead you to Neo-City. (You will need a party to enter, and be at least a 105 to start with to do the quests). There are more quests to do, to unlock all the maps, the final boss is around 130. (pretty easy after big bang though).
From then on, any time you want to enter neo city, you need to be in a party, however, as long as the party is not disbanded and you personally stay in the time zone you are in, you will not be teleported out.

Hope that helps

Edit:'d me hard
Jan 19 2011
Jigglypoof Level 185 Bera F/P Arch Mage
1. Talk to Han the Broker at level 95 and take his prerequisite.
2. Have a party of 2+ people who have also completed the prerequisite.
3. Leader MUST have a Time Travelers Pocket Watch (drop randomly in Leafre)
4. All party members have to be on the same year (I believe).

Personally, I only did these quests for fun. The exp isn't the greatest, and its just plain stupid.
Jan 19 2011
Yeah, you have to talk to people, and each one gives 100k exp, I don't think it gets easier than that! Completing all the quests for neo city as well, gives a huge amount of exp as well, and on completion a time circlet helmet.
Also, please never spell easy like that again.
Jan 19 2011
Is there only the one area now? Or have they not appeared cause I haven't re-done all of Han the Brokers quests?[/quote]

You need to complete the quests in each area, to be able to unlock the next and so on.
Jan 19 2011
memory829 Level 166 Bera Hero
so its gona be Pretty[i][/i] hard for me to get to the space ship thingy? bcuz i kinda need to train on the lvl 125/127 royal guards there
Jan 19 2011
DarkQuill Level 200 Bera Shadower
So, there is more than one area?
Cause the only one I have access to is the DunasUnit S/RoyalGuard S area.
Jan 19 2011
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