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P/C on Rex's Hyena Saddle

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iTzMonkeyyyy Level 150 Scania Buccaneer
I found this saddle after my 5th Pq and everyone wanted it. but i have no idea how much its worth. Please help me out here guys. Thanks :]
Posted: January 2011 Permalink


its untradeable
the mount is also untradeable
or else youd see so many saddles in fms
and mounts going for bils/
Jan 20 2011
It's all untradeable, I heard it allows you to ride the hyena, but I don't know how to use it yet.
Jan 20 2011
Duhhazn Level 156 Renegades Paladin
Jan 20 2011
untradeable, but even if it wasnt it wouldnt be much, Ive gotten like 10 of em.
Jan 20 2011

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