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Where to train at level 135?

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I was training at Dragons in Leafre and it was awesome, but now, it's getting slower and boring. Like 0.01% per monster.
I've tried every dragon in Leafre (Rexton, Brexton, Wyverns...). I don't think I can go to Skeles?
So where should I train now?
iBurnSlimesLevel 123 Bera Buccaneer
Posted: January


I pap every day twice and train at red turtle dragons. I leveled ~2 levels in a week doing that but now I'm getting lazy.
Jan 20 2011
Skeles are 147+. Bains and Lycans/Werewolves are great
iProxDLevel 205 Scania Mercuria Guild
Jan 20 2011
I do pap everyday 2times and do runs. pap helps alot
xIRoxLevel 151 Scania Dark Knight
Jan 21 2011
Full Zak solo is the best EXP. It does take a while, but it takes less time to kill than Krexel
iProxDLevel 205 Scania Mercuria Guild
Jan 21 2011
Pap two times a day and kill zak arms. Awesome exp =][/quote]

Thank you all. Could you tell me step by step, what do I have to do to go into Zak without a party?
Like what do I need... Dunno. I've never zak before.
iBurnSlimesLevel 123 Bera Buccaneer
Jan 21 2011
Well, to start off, if you have Windows 7 or Vista, make sure you are aware that you have to toggle graphics (System->System menu->Graphics)
Make sure you have 4 OTHER PEOPLE that are on in your expedition.

When you go in, spawn Zakum.
Once he's spawned, hug the left wall and count to 15 slowly
Once that's done, start attacking WHILE NEAR THE WALL. There will be a platform under the NPC inside Zak's Altar.
Stay behind the little chain, so you won't get cursed.

You must have all the Prequests done, you must have 1 Eye of Fire, you should bring 100+ Holy Waters/All Cures, bring sufficient pots (HP and MP)
iProxDLevel 205 Scania Mercuria Guild
Jan 21 2011

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