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Mechanic Ap guide?

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I'm looking for some kind of idea of how I should distribute ap for a mechanic.

Thx in advance.
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Auto assign until you str is about 40-60, then add all dex.
Jan 21 2011
The build follows the 2 str 3 dex per level on auto-ap.
So just cap str at the regular capping place?
Jan 21 2011
Auto assign until your total str is 60, or higher, depending on your funding.
Jan 21 2011
So it's basically like a warrior's build, but opposite for the stats. Not sure about what rule Pirates go by, but I'd imagine it's that. <<
Jan 21 2011
No, Dex is useless to warriors now.
Jan 21 2011
What About NX Funding not Meso Funding. and why 60?[/quote]

Because most people will only use a concerto or a VIP gun as an end game. Having 60 base is enough for getting the extra 40 to equip concerto.
Jan 21 2011
iDrinkOJ Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
str=level, all into dex.. regular build
Jan 21 2011
Str = level
Dex = dump the rest

Regular build im following. not too funded
Jan 21 2011
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