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Jan 23 11
Bera F/P Mage
Am I doing the right chain?

I'm just checking, because finding a Mr. Anchor channel will be tough.
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Jan 23 11
I believe so. (Not 100%, but I'm pretty sure)
And you could just party a Wild Hunter hacker at Mr anchors to get 300 quick. (kidding)
Jan 23 11
Bera F/P Mage
Is anybody 100% sure of it, though? ):
New MapleStory Screen: Happy 2011!
Jan 23 11
Bera Corsair
Is Capt. Latanica still good exp level 110+?
Jan 23 11
Scania Buccaneer

Capt. Latanica is efficient. 3-10% depending on job and lvl.
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