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Where can i find violet snowshoes?

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what the title says. i can't find it on hidden street. Help please
Posted: January 2011 Permalink


buy it from me i got +4 all stat clean vss oh crap nvm u in scania but look in fm spam B>VSS ull get one soon
Jan 25 2011
AsnTriad Level 77 Broa Battle Mage 3
Check on Basil
Jan 25 2011
im not 100% sure but i think you can get snowshoes in el nath pot shop but idk about vss
Jan 25 2011
asuu Level 187 Scania Bishop
Theres TONS in fm o: and gunboss drops it
Jan 25 2011
Joopiex3 Level 208 Scania Thunder Breaker 4
You get them from "The Boss," which most people call gun boss in Maple. It's like level 160 or 165 or something, so good luck hunting them.[/quote]

It drops from grandpa . The last body form of bg which is level 175.

Even though I'm only 163 I'm still able to grandpa in a decent kill time ;o.
Jan 25 2011

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