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Bedhead Royal Hair!

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shikachibi Level 48 Windia Cleric
How many tries did it take you? Also it says it's here until the 31st, so will it still be here the day of the 31st?

Thank you!
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shikachibi Level 48 Windia Cleric
@shikachibi: lol =] love the answer i hope u get it since your soo obsessed =][/quote]

It's temporary I swear xD In a few weeks I won't be so in love lolzzz
Jan 25 2011
Akatsukii Level 172 Scania Corsair
I got it in my first try,

didn't like it at all, its like a messed up version of metro in my point of view.

I then got the slick back snoop dogg hair and im OG of Scania

OG = original Gangster
Jan 25 2011
I have prince hair right now T.T
I'm still trying to get either SunBleached or Bed Head but I havent got any nx... So I'll have to go buy some on Thursday. FINGERS CROSSED they restocked!

If I can't get it in 15tries... I'm over and OUT.
Jan 25 2011
@TehVict: dunno if i got the name right but I was a bowl cut that mostly covered my eyes and if I used an emotion my eyes would disappear
Jan 25 2011
I got it on my 3rd try and I was fairly happy about it too!
Jan 25 2011
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