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Ultimate Explorer info !

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Hey basil! I've been looking at ulimate explorer info and I think I've gathered a lot. Also if you know anything I don't plz share it^^. So basicly an Ultimate explorer is an explorer class that gets some extra skills from the Cygnus class also you get some extra beginner skills as well one of which allows you to equip items 10 lvls higher than your own! Also depending on your explorer class depends on which special Cygnus skill you get I also don't know the name of these skills because I've never mad a Cygnus. So let's say I make an ultimate explorer warrior I would get the Dawn warrior skill that makes swords of light gome down. Well how do you get this amazing explorer you ask? There are 2 ways (the second one I'm not sure of but seems better). The first way is to create a Cygnus knight and get it to lvl 120 cpatain rank. Then talk to empress Cygnus and done! You may now create an ultimate explorer through the screen that poped up! Also it doesn't matter what Cygnus knight you choose for example if I chose a dawn warrior I wouldn't have to create a warrior ultimate adventurer I could create any type I wanted. The second way is to take a quest on the explorer you already have and make your explorer and ultimate adventurer imstead of creating one. No there's more! I have also found out that when you create your ultimate explorer through the Cygnus knight the start out the same way a cygnus knight would(at erve) and the start at lvl 50 also you gain great and I mean great starter equips! Also I'm not sure if this is for the CK or the UE but one or both start out with 10% exp every lvl.
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Actually, doing the quest on a regular adventurer does not make it into a ultimate explorer/adventurer. It just lets them to get a cygnus skill as well. Only way to get a UA or UE is by having a 120 cygnus.
Jan 28 2011
Also the skills you get for makin a warrior and bowmen UE are soul driver an wind peircing also I forgot to metion that all classes including heroes will gain the beginner skills which one of them allows u to equip items 10 lvls higher does that awnser your question?
Jan 28 2011
Well no what im asking is if a normal adventurer does the quest after lvl 70 for the UE skill then do they get the beginner skill to wear equips 10 lvls higher just like an UE created through lvl 120 CK
Jan 28 2011
The first way is to create a Cygnus knight and get it to lvl 120 cpatain rank. Then talk to empress Cygnus and done!
LoL no enough researche i guess. Theres a hard quest (took me 4 hours with my pt) once done u get a few skills and done.[/quote]
Obviously u did not read every thing I said also this is only out in KMS
Jan 28 2011
Everything you need to know about ultimate adventurer.
[url=]Click here[/url]
Jan 28 2011
I dont think the UA will be able to use equips ten lvls above it, think about how op that would make them!
Jan 28 2011
Everything you need to know about ultimate adventurer.
[url=]Click here[/url][/quote]
Spadows blog does not say all the info I got mine from there but I also searched YouTube and other various websites
Jan 28 2011
Or you could go to Spadow's Blog for all of this in detail.[/quote]

I don't thik Spadow said anything abot a quest adventurers can do to become UA's
Jan 28 2011
coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
You need a 120 Cygnus and there job isn't important
the class you decide to make the UA will have there repective job skills,
so no Soul Drive Clerics sadly
At lvl 70 or 100 when they're out you'll unlock a quest on normal characters that allows them
to get the UA skill, but the quest is extremely hard and time consuming and
you can only put 1 point in the skill every 10 lvls
UA do not need to do the quest
Mages get Flame Gear, Warriors get Soul Drive, Pirates get Shark, Thiefs get Vampire and Bowman get Wind Shot
-credits of this go to Spadow not me-
Jan 28 2011
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