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How to get to Haunted House Post BB?

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Jan 30 11
Khaini Hunter
I hear that Scarecrows and Jesters are good for training. How do I get there from Kerning City? Thanks!
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Jan 30 11*
Bera Corsair
Go to the Kerning subway, buy a ticket from the guy on the far left, and select the New Leaf City option from the ticket booth.

Once you arrive in NLC, go to the far left, and click on the Hummer/Limo npc. It takes you to the Haunted Mansion.

Once you get inside the mansion, go to the top-middle part of the map, and press up on the fireplace, which will take you to the map with the Zombie/Scarecrow/Jester portals.

Scarecrows are the middle portal, Jesters are the top portal.
Jan 30 11
Khaini Hunter

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