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The end of tiger - What really happened.

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maplemukmude Level 131 Khaini Corsair
I did not write this. Written by Wiznizit of GameSpot forums.
Taken from here.


This is going to be fairly long, so either read it fully or don't bother. All the events and people in the story are fact and in no way exaggerated or fictionalized.

Most people have never heard of me. I know a lot of people on Maple Story, most of them are what people consider "pros" and "high levels". I just like them for them. I talk to them both in and out of the game, and have good times with them. Some are as close to me as my real life friends. You might ask how I managed to be friends with them. It's a pretty interesting story, full of lucky events snowballing into some great times. It begins like this:

The Beautiful Beginning
I started playing Maple Story the summer it came out at patch 0.09. I thought it was pretty cool, but quit when school came around. I started it again, once school was almost over. I was bored of regular grinding and all that, so I decided to throw all of my money into an HP warrior, because of the Maple Tip member HPPure. I used all the money I made previously into buying exchange quest items and got to 21. I PQed up to level 31, when I finally got powerguard. This is where the lucky series of events began. I was having the hardest time finding a priest to leech me. I was about to quit again, but then I heard about a place called "Forbidden Time" where all of the highest levels trained, apparently. I decided to venture there and met a priest called "S3mi". He was level 13X and I had no idea people were that high level back then. I was absolutely shocked. It turned out the person playing S3mi was not the owner, and just playing while the owner was on vacation. I asked him who he was. He said his name was Craig, and he played Tiger, but it was banned. I was absolutely in awe at this point. I had just met Tiger. He trained with me for a while, and I had the best time of my Mapling life. I decided to be a little more bold, and look for other priests to train with me when Craig wasn't online. I met someone named Zoecherry who was super nice to me, and let me train with he when she didn't have a party. Then, I met ClericZoe. She was the highest magician at the time. We were in the same time zone, and trained together all the time. Then, she started training with Suuushi a lot. I got to know Suuushi through ClericZoe, and she seemed to like me. At this time, none of them had buddied me because they were always full. However, Suuushi asked me if I wanted to join MyBFF in mid-July, while it was still new. I was euphoric. The original MyBFF was the greatest guild Maple Story has ever seen. Not only were they the top players, but the funniest and nicest in the game. I was introduced to something called Skype in that guild, and talked to a lot of them with a microphone, which was fun as anything. Things were going as good as they could at that point. One day, a low level Rogue joined the guild. Everyone spammed "HI GAVIN," because he was the owner of Tiger, and was visiting Maple Story after a long break while his account was banned and while he had a personal crisis. I introduced myself to him, but he ignored me. He thens started being a complete jerk to the whole guild and calling them names and "fake friends". I was really attached to the people in the guild and offended. After that, things continued on normally, until the day Tiger was unbanned...

The Friendship With Gavin
Gavin gave me his MSN, and I talked to him a bit. He just seemed like an angry, confused, and isolated person who needed people to be really comforting to him. I felt so bad for him, and talked to him a lot. I was one of his TWO friends in the world. We talked on Skype and MSN, and I really began to feel bad for him. He constantly complained about Tiger, and how it was his and he deserved to play it.

I Ruined MyBFF
I began to talk in guild. I asked them why Craig and Gavin couldn't become friends again. They told me I didn't know Gavin like they did. They said he appears very nice, but has a horrible temper and a horrible way of treating people. I couldn't believe they wouldn't give him a chance, and became enraged. I wouldn't stop talking about it. Eventually, Suuushi quit the guild because she was so upset over the whole thing. The whole guild became split, and most everyone left. The whole thing got so out of control, that Suuushi quit. She gave her account to Craig, in hopes of solving the problem of who gets what account. This way, Gavin could have Tiger, and Craig could have Suuushi. Craig didn't want Gavin on Tiger, so he kept both accounts for a while. Eventually, out of desperation, ScubaSteve and I devised a way to steal the account back and gave it to Gavin. We had the best of intention. We honestly feared that Gavin might kill himself. He had no friends and nothing to live for. Zoecherry, who knew him in real life, felt the same way, and told me about it. We confirmed he could join MyBFF. Things only went downhill from there. At first, he was really nice. Soon, though, he became overcome with power because of his #1 rank. He constantly would go ks Craig over the slightest incident that involved anyone remotely related to him. More people left the guild because of drama related to Gavin. We just ignored it and kept telling him to try to keep to himself.

KahluaNMilk really got things screwed up for us. Kittyz0r kissed KahluaNMilk's love like there was no tomorrow. Predictably, Gavin, who was dating her, followed suit. KahluaNMilk did not seem to like any of my antics. I made a movie that involved her. It was actually quite funny from what I was told. Somehow, KahluaNMilk saw the movie and flipped out. She was threatening to ban all of my accounts and all that. Kittyz0r begged me to delete the video, which I eventually did to end all the pissing and moaning. However, I reuploaded it a few weeks later. Kittyz0r and Tiger were pissed off. They said I made them look stupid because I "lied" the the GM who they worshiped. Gavin started talking about making his own guild and ScubaSteve didn't want to hear anymore of his crap. He kicked Tiger on the spot.

Tiger on the Loose
After being away from the protection of MyBFF, he decided to make another super power guild. He invited anyone that would join and was high level. Obviously, no legit players like him anymore, so most of his guild was hackers. VenGeaNce hated him, and since he was no longer in MyBFF, they ksed the living daylights out of him. I couldn't possibly name all the times that huge ks wars were started because Tiger and VenGeaNce were feeling trigger happy. Tiger wanted to start Zakuming, and VenGeaNce started holding the altar from him. Then it got even better.

Recent History
This last part happened very recently, like within the past few days. Gavin got together a huge band of 11 guild to finally "eliminate" the guild VenGeaNce. VenGeaNce had a lot of practice ksing, and destroyed them most of the time. They were able to disband SuperVillain, and ks Envious until 50 of their members left. Those two guilds were the only real players besides Reprisal against VenGeaNce. Now, at this very point, no one can Zakum without VenGeaNce's blessing, and Tiger is constantly involved in ksing and getting ksed. About 90% of major ks wars involve Tiger.

Why I'm Hurt
I am the reason Gavin has Tiger. If I hadn't been such an nosy idiot, he wouldn't be playing, and MyBFF would still be together, and there would almost no ks wars. However, because I pried into business that wasn't my own to help Tiger, I ruined the best time of my Maple life, and effectively destroyed MyBFF. Tiger turned his back on me. I asked him if he valued my friendship anymore, and he said to my face "No." I ruined the best guild and best server in the game for the biggest jerk in Maple Story. I got the chance of a lifetime, and threw it all away for someone not worth it.


[Saved from about a year ago. Not told by Wiznizit, the greatest GM ever, but a former friend of Tiger.]"

This does seem the most legitimate answer, because I do remember the ks wars/zak stealing/all those ended guilds.
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Actually no, tiger just realized he needed a life, so he quit.
Feb 01 2011
Mageklan Level 166 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Haha, I saw this when the guy that wrote it posted it. I believe this.
Feb 01 2011
Wasn't this made a long time ago?
Because I have seen 3 other threads on basil that copypasted a thread from gamespot about tiger quitting.
Feb 01 2011
Why is there so much drama? It's just a game. FOO REALZZZ.
Feb 01 2011
that should be made into a movie
Feb 01 2011
silva69 Level 147 Chaos Shadower
great story but no one really cares about "them" anymore.
All the new players dont really knows Tiger and all the people who used it. so why bring it up?
Feb 01 2011

I'm glad Bera doesn't really have this kind of stuff. I'm in a high level guild but we avoid this kind of stuff mostly.
Feb 01 2011
KronosShift Level 150 Bera Blade Recruit
Why are there still so much Tiger threads? Hes long gone...
Feb 01 2011
i fell sick because i ruined the guild of my friend evolucion =(
Feb 01 2011
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