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Buying option fail?

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I was in the FM today, and was about to buy something for 100 mil. I tried buying it but I get a message saying "buyer does not posess enough money to trade anymore" when I had WAY more then the required amount.

What does this mean?
thank you
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


it means that u cant buy anything
Feb 03 2011
So its written wrong and im not misinterpreting it?
Feb 03 2011
The person had enough mesos that he couldn't receive 100mil more. For example, all he needs is max mesos - 99,999,999 and you won't be able to purchase the item since he'll go over the meso cap. **[i]This is without tax included and is used as an example.**[/i]

Max is 2,147,483,647.

Let's say the person has 2,147,483,647 - 99,999,999 = 2,047,483,648

Now, if the person was to receive 100mil, he would have 2,147,483,64**8** which exceeds cap which is why you can't buy said item.
Feb 03 2011
gospel95 Level 141 Broa Shadower
if i had max mesos, id set a mushie and put godly items on sale for 10 mesos (:
Feb 03 2011

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