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Memory Lane Quest

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Does anyone know who to talk to in order to complete the quest?
ive been to edelstein and nautilus
and i still dont know who to talk to,
it says go to the place where your journey began,
(1st job instructor)
and yet checky has no quest.
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


lolll hmm not sure on that one try nuatilus kyrin? if you did that then you might have to wait till nexon realizes mechs cant do time quests...
Feb 04 2011
yeah i tried talking to the pirate job instructor too and it didnt work.
i really wanna move on in ToT D:
Feb 04 2011
go to the head honcho of the resistance in eldestein (should have bulb on her head). then head back to the memory guy after lane 1 and u should complete quest. u cant start regrets until 150 though but u can train in regrets 1.
Feb 04 2011

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