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Gold teeth for zakum prequest

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I talked to Adobis to do the quest, and now when I talk to him, he says "you dont have 30 gold teeth yet" meaning I need to get them.

I've killed a bunch of coolie zombies and miner zombies(THANK GOD FOR SLOW+SEAL) but the teeth still haven't dropped.

Are they really rare, or am I doing something wrong?
Posted: February


Minor zombies drop them, coolies don't. They are not really rare, I got like 280 during the 2x exp/drop today for the whole 2hrs, which works out to 70/hr without 2x.
Feb 06 2011
What level are the Minor zombies?
Feb 06 2011
134?idk you could always buy the teeth in fm
bloodowner94bigpie95 - Level 123
Feb 06 2011
They are lvl 132
Feb 06 2011

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