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Feb 06 11
KradiaGMS I/L Arch Mage
I talked to Adobis to do the quest, and now when I talk to him, he says "you dont have 30 gold teeth yet" meaning I need to get them.

I've killed a bunch of coolie zombies and miner zombies(THANK GOD FOR SLOW+SEAL) but the teeth still haven't dropped.

Are they really rare, or am I doing something wrong?
Feb 06 11
Bellocan Shadower
Minor zombies drop them, coolies don't. They are not really rare, I got like 280 during the 2x exp/drop today for the whole 2hrs, which works out to 70/hr without 2x.
Feb 06 11
Chaos Evan 9th Growth
What level are the Minor zombies?
Feb 06 11
Broa Hero
134?idk you could always buy the teeth in fm
Feb 06 11
Bellocan Shadower
They are lvl 132

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