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Ultimate Adventurer Guide

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DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
ZOMG NOTE!: (5.09.11) I'll begin updating this again after I get out of school and get some more free time. That'll be May 24th-ish. I originally chose to just not update it anymore, but I think that I'll update it again because people are still using it, and there's still a lot of questions that need answering on Basil. Thanks for keeping it semi-active and giving me things to update, I'll make sure to clean this guide up and make it much better when school's out.

Last Updated: 3.02.11 13:50 BT

Hello, welcome to my Ultimate Adventurer Guide!
This guide is new, under construction, and will most likely have faults that should be fixed. If you see anything wrong, would like to make a suggestion, or if I'm missing something, let me know. All help is appreciated!

Table of Contents

  1. The Ultimate Adventurer
  2. Creating Ultimate Adventurer & Cygnus Knight Additions
  3. What Your Ultimate Adventurer Comes With
  4. Your Ultimate Adventurer's Cygnus Skill
  5. Empress' Strengthening and Blessing of the Empress
  6. Obtaining the UA Skills on a Non-UA Adventurer
  7. Sources

1. The Ultimate Adventurer

An Ultimate Adventurer (UA) can be any of the five main Adventurer classes (Bowman, Magician, Thief, Warrior, Pirate), but is created differently, and with a bunch of extra perks. They are created by completing a few steps on a level 120 Cygnus Knight (CK), and begin at level 50. There's not much to to say when defining a UA, but there is a lot to say about the benefits.

The "extra perks" of an Ultimate Adventurer include:
  • An "Ultimate Adventurer" Medal: 2 weapon/magic attack, 200 HP/MP, 10 speed/jump. The Medal is titled: "(Your 120 CK's name)'s Successor"
  • One Cygnus skill depending on your UA class
  • Empress' Strengthening Skill
  • A level 24 Empress' Blessing from your 120 Cygnus Knight

(More in-depth information will be provided throughout the guide)

Note: You can only have ONE UA at a time, so if you want to make one of another class, you would have to delete your current one, and make another 120 CK to get the quest for a UA again.

2. Creating Ultimate Adventurer & Cygnus Knight Additions

As previously stated, you must have a 120 Cygnus Knight. Your CK class does not decide your UA class.
Once you have a 120 CK, the Empress will provide a quest that you must complete. It asks for 10 Peridots, which drop from the monster "Harps" in Leafre. From completing this quest, you gain two new skills on your CK:
*The Empress' Call: [Master Level: 1] Permanently increases your HP and MP by 20%.
*The Empress' Prayer: [Master Level: 1] Your weapon and magic attacks increase by 4% for two hours. The buff will not disappear until the time limit is reached. In other words, you can die without losing the buff. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Those skills are specifically for your CK. But the quest also triggered the ability to create your UA. Be sure to have a character slot available so that you can complete this quest and create your UA. You can make your name and change the hair/eyes as you would with a new character. Once you created your UA, you can log off your CK and find your UA in one of your character slots. You do not lose your CK when you create your UA. Also, your UA's skill points are not automatically distributed, so you can add them to your liking.

One more thing, CKs begin with 10% exp whenever they level up. I do not believe you need to do anything to trigger this new change.

3. What Your Ultimate Adventurer Comes With

Aside from the perks listed in Section 1, the UA comes with some equips and new skills. I do not have the specific stats on the individual equips, but like other equip sets, there are added bonuses to wearing them all at once:

4 set bonus
HP: +100
MP: +100
Physical Defense: +50
Magic Defense: +50

5 set bonus
AllStat: +6
Weapon Attack: +5
Magic: +5 Physical Defense: +100
Magic Defense: +100
Speed: +20

I believe there is a second set of equips given in future levels (I will try to find this information), but I do not know if the bonus stats change or not.

Skills will be discussed in the next sections.

4. Your Ultimate Adventurer's Cygnus Skill

This is one of the main perks to having a UA. Depending on the class you made your UA, you receive a Cygnus skill.
  • Warrior: Soul Driver
  • Magician: Flame Gear
  • Archer: Wind Piercing
  • Thief: Vampire
  • Pirate: Sharkwave

This means your CK can be any class and it will not decide anything about your UA. It also means that a Thief cannot have Soul Driver, etc.

To increase your mastery of these skills, all you need to do is level up. At level 50, it has a mastery level of 1, and the max is 5. Every 10 levels, 1 point is added to your
mastery of the Cygnus skill. So, by level 90, the skill will be maxed.

5. Empress' Strengthening and Blessing of the Empress

Empress' Strengthening is very simple.
*Empress' Strengthening: [Master Level: 1] Allows the user to wear equips that are 10 levels or less higher than the user's level.

There is also Blessing of the Empress, which is explained below.

*Blessing of the Empress: [Mastery Level: 24] For every 5 levels gained on your highest-level Cygnus Knight, 1 level of blessing is added to your other characters. 1 level of blessing is 1 physical attack, and 1 magic attack.

This is twice as effective as Blessing of the Fairy, which provides one point every 10 levels, and is provided by an adventurer character.

BoE and BoF is provided to every character on your account (in the same world) aside from the character that provides it. Also, BoE does not stack with BoF. Your characters simply get whichever skill provides more attack, and the lesser one is not applied. A character cannot provides its own BoF or BoE, so a minimum of two characters is needed to have the skill(s). Again, a character on your account will receive the Blessing from whichever character can provide the highest amount.

For those that do not understand these skills, here is how they work. Your characters receive 1 weapon/magic attack (from BoF) for every 10 levels that your highest character is. (If it was BoE, it would be every 5 levels.) As previously stated, your characters cannot provide their own Blessing, so here is an example of a set of characters:

131 Shadower
75 Marauder
50 Thunder Breaker (TB)

The level 75 Marauder receives 13 points because the possible BoF (from the Shadower) provides a greater attack boost than the possible BoE (from the TB). Therefore, the Marauder gets the level 13 BoF and the BoE is nonexistent on this character.

The level 131 Shadower, however, gains 10 points from BoE. The Marauder is only able to provide 7 points from BoF, while the Thunder Breaker can provide 10 points from BoE. So, the Shadower would take what benefits him more. The BoE is applied to the Shadower and the BoF will not be given.

The level 50 Thunder Breaker receives 13 BoF for similar reasons.

6. Obtaining the UA Skills on a Non-UA Adventurer

The two skills discussed in this section are the Empress' Strength and the Cygnus Skills.

A normal Adventurer can get these skills, beginning with Empress' Strength, but by completing a quest. An Adventurer of level 70 or higher will automatically get a quest from their Job Instructor, asking to collect 20 leaves from Ariant's Desert Rabbits. According to Spadow, the drop rate is incredibly low. But after you finish the quest, you gain the Empress' Strengthening skill.

After completing the quest above, the Adventurer can get a quest from a Knight Instructor. They will ask that you collect 10 orb-like items, and upon completion, the skill that goes along with your class (mentioned in Section 3) will be given to you. This quest is also available at level 70. I believe that you must complete the Strengthening quest to begin this quest though.

To level up your CK skill as an adventurer, you must level up 10 times and repeat the quest for one more skill point. So, you would need to level up 40 times to fully master your CK skill (you automatically have 1 point in it upon gaining the skill).

Personally, I do not think the Empress' Strengthening skill is not worth the trouble it seems to give. The CK skill is probably more valuable than the other, but more or less

7. Sources
Along with various Basilers' posts
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Spaced Level 152 Bellocan Corsair
Awesome blossom.
Feb 06 2011
I have a question did the skill that get UA are exactly the same as the cyngus.

So is the same %.

And u should made a poll
Feb 06 2011
Appiecore Level 120 Windia Buccaneer
David is sexy.
Feb 06 2011
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
@Spaced Thanks? haha
@wrsp8 Um, I don't get what you're asking honestly... If I'm reading it right, then you're asking if the UAs get the same % damage in their CK skill as an actual CK does. To answer that, I don't know, simply because I couldn't find it. This will have a lot more information once they come closer to GMS.

What would a poll be for..?
Feb 06 2011
Thanks defenitely going for a UA Bucc
Feb 06 2011
Wait, what is an Ultimate Adventurer?
What is an adventurer?
I only know of Explorers, Cyngus Knights, heroes, and Ultimate Explorers.
Would someone explain?
Feb 06 2011
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
@edayr I'm surprised I didn't add those... Thank you very much ^_^ If there's anything else you see is missing that's vital to the guide, let me know!

@Leppy Explorer is another word for Adventurer
Hopefully that clears everything up
Feb 06 2011
Soul driver skill is afected by the combo orbs ? if this is right i think that heros can use better that skill that another clases
Feb 06 2011
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