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Can you trade untradeable items between characters?

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I made a BaM a few days ago and its almost 50 now so I decided to main it since its a lot more fun than my WH . But I wanted to put my Zhelm on my BaM but apparently I can't since its untradeable. I was just wondering if there's anyway to be able to trade it to another char on the same acc without using scissors of karma? I put 8 att WGs on the MTS anyway but if there's another way to do it I would rather do that.
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Thought so, that's pretty stupid imo. But I guess its a good way for Nexon to make money lol.
Feb 08 2011
Cyriol Level 200 Galicia Evan 10th Growth
^ What that young lady said.
V That's what she said.
Feb 08 2011
Can anyone tell me why Nexon decided to make it this way? I don't see the harm of transferring an item on the same account.
Feb 08 2011
Bluejax Level 185 Scania Hero
They wanna be a ass and make money. That's what.
Feb 08 2011
Can you trade **untradeable** items between characters? Fail title is fail. (sorry for being so sad)
Feb 08 2011
Don't test me boy, I dont look like a lady, on the other hand Justin Bieber does.

Resulting in making fun of a kid that probably will make more money than you ever will in your whole lifetime? Why? Cause you can't think of anything else thats "clever"?

O.T- Well if its on the same world I'm sure you can transfer un-tradeable items through the Storage system?
Feb 08 2011
berignus Level 135 Broa Dark Knight
no,sucks that i cant transfer my logitech controller.
Feb 08 2011
EddieOne Level 125 Zenith Blade Lord
Title says all.
Feb 08 2011
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