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How do you solo zakum, targa, scarlion?

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Like, how is this done? I have done both the pre-quests for each, and have seen videos of people soloing each 0.o

But if you try to go in to Scar, It says you aren't the expedition leader. It says you need 3 people in a party. but I've heard from others you really need 6? is this true? And if it is, how the heck do u solo?

And for Zak, is it the same way? and what channels is it again? 0.o
I've read for Zak you just need 5 other ppl n your pt, and that you just add people before you even go to to Zakum... but who would be ok with this lol? just being in a party do you just find random people and ask them? 0.o

I realize these may be noob questions, but I have searched multipe sites and haven't found an answer...
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you enter the map with the minimum number of people, and then when your in the other people leave the expedition and exit the map
Feb 11 2011
for scar, u need 6 ppl to go in with u and then theyll have to let u solo. for zak...i cant tell u its too crowded lol
Feb 11 2011
Green4EVER Level 213 Galicia F/P Arch Mage Solus Guild
They don't need to be with you.
Start an expedition, invite 4 other people that are anywhere within the Maple world, and you're good to go inside all by yourself.
Feb 11 2011
well for zakum you only need 4 other people + yourself in a exp but they do not have to be present for you to enter the altar. I usually get some guildies to join my expedition
Feb 11 2011
cant you just invite them to the expedition and you can enter on your own?[/quote]

That works for zakum.
Feb 11 2011
Just tell them they can loot helms if they help you get in, lul.
Making exped for zak is easier than scar. Just ask a buddy to party four of your mules and you're set.
Feb 11 2011
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