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How to get Angel Ray

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maplers945 Level 142 Windia Night Lord
so yea i got to a bishop and i went to my skills planning on raising Angel Ray... To my Surprise, It wuzent there.
So how do i get Angel Ray?
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


DrStrangenoob Level 200 Windia Bishop
You could buy it, but it'll cost a bit because of the SOK required to trade.
Feb 14 2011
maplers945 Level 142 Windia Night Lord
oh lol.. does it drop from zak every run?
Feb 14 2011
It doesn't but you could always buy it or just run a few runs
Feb 14 2011
Bought mine for a sok and 10mil....
Feb 14 2011
if you find the right people that are really cool you can just join a run and keep trying until it drops...usually guilds and alliance members know the right people...someone might be willing to give it to you if you provide SoK
Feb 15 2011

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