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Internet speed and ping test time~

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Feb 20 11
Bellocan Xenon 4
Yeah I'm bored
My Speedtest result
My Pingtest result Ahh so close to 0 jitter.
MapleStory Screen: Epic lvl up 101 exp bar
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Feb 20 11
Galicia F/P Arch Mage
Ping 8 ms
Jitter 1 ms
Download speed 11.25 mb/s
Upload speed 12.04 mb/s

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Feb 20 11
Bera Chief Bandit
Ping 15 ms
Jitter 2 ms
DL speed 22.85 mb/s
UL speed 2.01 mb/s
Feb 20 11
Bera Thunder Breaker 3
Ping 31 ms, Jitter 1 ms
2.80 DL
.63 UL
Feb 20 11
Bera Blade Master
AUniversityO Guild
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Feb 20 11
Bellocan Xenon 4

That's great!

Ookie: You have the same results as I
MapleStory Screen: Epic lvl up 101 exp bar
Feb 20 11*
Scania Priest
Mine for some reason is getting alot higher..
Feb 20 11
Windia Bow Master
MapleStory Screen: Lorddetox MapleStory Video: Pa Vs Pap
Feb 20 11
Scania Shadower
Speed Test
Ping Test
The ping test server isn't that close
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Feb 20 11
Chaos Cannoneer 4
Download: 14.92
Upload: 0.79

Line Quality: B
Ping: 47 ms
Jitter: 10 ms
MapleStory Screen: Mrbasil on minecraft
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