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Which Service pack?

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abakre2 Level 77 Bera Wild Hunter 3
In order to get Windows 7 compatible with maplestory, which service pack do I use?
Windows XP 2008 (Service Pack 1) or Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

I still get the compatibility issue notice when I used service pack 3 and i have yet to try with service pack 1. However, I have not started up the game with either service pack out of fear.

So which one?
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Neiter of them actually work for me
Feb 22 2011
When you get that compatibility notice, just check that "Don't show again" box and run the program. You should not need to run MS in compatibility mode in order to get it to work. Quite honestly, a lot of people have said they resulted in more problems by doing so.
Feb 22 2011
abakre2 Level 77 Bera Wild Hunter 3
Okay, so I guess I'll try to run it first without compatibility mode.

And thanks a lot. Your posts have helped me sooo much in the past few days.
Feb 22 2011
Ah, no problem. Which laptop you went with anyways? xD
Feb 22 2011
abakre2 Level 77 Bera Wild Hunter 3
Pavilion Dv6 with the i3. I also actually had a bad experience with an Acer laptop so I just went with Hp. And then I just really liked the laptop and the fact that it came with i3 was cool. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded which processor came with the laptop seeing that my needs for a processor weren't very demanding.

And yup, maplestory runs fine. Maplestory doesn't fully fit the screen and there's like two black areas on each side, but I really don't mind. As long as it functions properly, I'm okay with it.
Feb 22 2011
Oh ok, I kind of had a feeling you were going with that one and you were going to say that you had bad experience with Acer as well. lol But yeah. I'm hope you are happy with your choice. ^^

As for the black bars on the size, right-click on your Desktop >> Graphic Options... >> Panel Fit >> Fullscreen (No borders).

I believe that is correct. It should be something like that. You may need to restart your computer though.
Feb 22 2011

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