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CWKPQ prequest help

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Where do I start them and what do I do?

If someone could list them I would greatly appreciate it
KingKong06PoopGreener - Level 119
Posted: February


there are no prequests besides being 90+
Feb 22 2011
There is no pre quests. but to start a cwpq the host most complete quest from jack barricade in lower ascent 1.
xXjarakudaXxjarakuda - Level 200 Nimbus Guild
Feb 22 2011
no prequests unless u wanna lead, which u should be like 130+ to lead so that ppl trust u.
episo8episo88 - Level 51 Scania Priest
Feb 22 2011
Are the "prequests" the same quests as the ones you complete to activate the exchange quest?
lilseventeenMoreSunlight - Level 73
Feb 22 2011
no. it's the one to get the crimsonwood keystone.
kelvin8604iSpellKelvin - Level 122
Feb 22 2011

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