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Maplestory Client is Outdated?

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Sunyboy54 Level 188 Windia Aran 4
Well, I just started to play Maplestory again, after like .. 2 days. Not as long as a break as I wanted, but oh well.

When I went on the Nexon website, it said "The client is outdated. Please download the current on the Maplestory website."

Well, I tried again and again, and I kept getting that, so I tried using the launcher in the Maplestory folder. It said the same thing. I redownloaded Maplestory from the website, and it still says that. Also tried the folder, and it still says the same thing. Anyone know how to fix this?
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


asinboy Level 202 Mardia Blade Master
No luck mate. ur on ur one.
Feb 24 2011

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