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Feb 24 11
Bera Hunter
So I read on Basil that you can get the hairstyle Curly Stream in kerning and ludi exp hair, but I already spent over 25k nx and still havn't gotten it. This also happened to me when I tried getting streaky siren and spent tons of money on it. Can anyone confirm where the best place to get curly stream is? Thanks :]
Feb 25 11
Bera Hunter
That's where I used mine --
Feb 25 11
Bera Demon Slayer 4
You wasted 25k at kerning and didn't get it? I got it within 3 tries, I felt lucky. However, I've had bad luck before and spent over 60k trying to get a hair style.
Feb 25 11
Bera Hunter
Feb 25 11
Bera Evan 5th Growth
Har har, I got it in 1 try at KC one day. Overall, I spent like 50k over 3 chars trying to get it.
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