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Where to train at 140+?

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yea, i dont know where to go

help fellow bms :o
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the way 140+ train are in ToT, basically no where else..or u can try skelegon, (zak daily, pap daily),but still, ToT is better. gl
Feb 26 2011
From 140-145, you'll only have access to a few of the maps in ToT, so what I did during those levels, I went back to Newts with an evan and a hs mule, which was surprisingly fast. After you've hit 145, you pretty much ToT all the way up until Lionheart comes out.
Feb 26 2011
Does it matter what map to train at ToT?
The quest starts only at lvl 142, right?
When you recommend to start newts?
Feb 27 2011

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