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I just made my return to maplestory a few days ago to find out that there's this new patch that required me to create a 'pic'. I guess they did away with pins because it was easy for people to generate random digits and over time figure out someones pin. So yep, it's a nice idea and all, but when I made mine, I foolishly made it like 10 characters long and it takes forever in my opinion to do all the clicking, since barely any of the characters take 1 click. I was wondering if there is any way that you can change your pic because even though i'd be less secure it would be easier for me to log-in. Personally I would like that better. On the same topic, I realize how lame my basil name is, especially since hwabi's aren't worth like anything any more after all of these new stars have come out. So, is there any way to change my basil name without having to make a new account? Or, can I make a new account and have my status (trades, friends, etc.) transferred? Thanks.
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There's no easy way to change your Basil account name, but you could try sending in a ticket to Mr. Basil and ask if it can be changed. (Hover your mouse over "BasilID" at the top of this page and choose "Submit Ticket".) Those go directly to Mr. Basil, who would be the only one who could make a change like that.

Likewise, there's no method for transferring setups to a different account- in fact, you're only supposed to have one Basilmarket account, and having more than one can lead to a permanent IP ban on all of them.
Feb 27 2011

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