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Best Place To Train To Level 120?

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clementee Level 78 Bera Wild Hunter 3
I want to know which spot is the best trainning spot. I really want to get to lvl 120 quick. I am level 113 at the moment. Post where is the best spot to train at to lvl 120.
Thank You
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Master Death Teddies or Dual Ghost Pirates?
Mar 06 2011
iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
try golden temple as an alternative
Mar 06 2011
PureAznXD Level 85 Scania Kaiser 3
At 120 I went straight to Red Dragon Turtles, I did miss a lot, but I was still getting about 40%/hour, infact at lvl 127 I'm still getting 40% per hour.

EDIT: Just noticed you said too, not at lvl 120 Anyways go to Duals till 120. If you want go to Spirit Vikings (Lvl119), they drop OS30 skill books.
Mar 06 2011
Raiden Level 209 Scania Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Raiden is intoRaiden
Uhh... Work out some golden temple, along with Dual Ghost Pirates. Do not use snow charge there. Use your GT ticket during 2x. Get 10 pieces in preparation though, and turn them in when it starts. Then Spirit Vikings at 119 or so.
Mar 06 2011
wat about for lvl100-120?
Mar 06 2011
0nxsty0 Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
wat about for lvl100-120?[/quote]

100-110 or so i did captain/kru, been at golden temple since it came out though
Mar 07 2011
Depending on your damage range, DGP could be really good. For me though, I wasn't hitting high enough but luckily with an HS mule or without, MP3 still got me from 112~120 in 5 days.
Mar 07 2011
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