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Why cant i stick to one character ?

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Mesmus Level 27 Scania Phantom 1
I keep making different characters leveling them to 30 go through CPQ and at 50 thats pretty much it i cant be bothered going any further. The only class that i took to 70 was mechanic and that was super fast but other classes i cant seem to stick to playing with. I even stopped playing my mechanic now and just hop around on different characters.
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We can't decide, but you're just unmotivated to level. Simple as that, I guess. No motivation to be the very best, no goals, or maybe just confusion on what to do next.
Mar 09 2011
Maybe if you gave yourself small incentives to keep going each time?
Plan out a character you think you might enjoy, and buy equips ahead of time.
It's the only reason why I'm still playing this TB
Mar 09 2011
How the hell are we suppose to answer that? and if we do... How the hell would that benefit you? Think about it for a moment.
Mar 09 2011
ConeFail Level 227 Galicia Bishop
There's nothing wrong with classhopping. No point to having a high leveled character if your just gonna get bored of it in the mext week. Try playing different classes, untill you find the one you love.
Mar 09 2011
Mesmus Level 27 Scania Phantom 1
I think im just coming from a world of warcraft mindset where time passes really quickly while doing quests which is the best way to level and also being qued into dungeons and battlegrounds for a change of pace and it never gets repetitive. But i dont know how or where to find people to do party quests the party searcher never works.
Mar 09 2011
Pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
How the hell are we suppose to answer that? and if we do... How the hell would that benefit you? Think about it for a moment.[/quote]

People who also did "character hopping" can tell him how they managed to stick to one character in the end.

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with character hopping (although I don't do it). You'll have the basic experience of all different jobs and in the end you may be able to choose the one you likew best. There's no law that says you must stick to one character and level it as much as possible.
Mar 09 2011
HHH ''Old Me'' Just Find Someone That almost same Your Lvl And Challenge
Mar 09 2011
darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
pavchka is right on it. i character-hopped a lot, couldn't get any past level 60, it was just a bore.
but i had said i would become a Dragon knight, even though i couldn't get to that level, i tried almost every other class too.

but one day, a year or so ago, the golden temple came, and i broke the barrier, to this day, it feels weird if i am not on my DrK, even if i am just afkeyboarding, i would rather afk on my DrK than anything else.

TS just needs to find a class that motivates him, and break his barrier, after that, it's mostly smooth sailing.

EDIT: also, i can't say away from keyboard-ing D:
Mar 09 2011
Acornshooter Level 201 Scania Night Walker 4
Lol for me.
New class, get it to 13x, get bored.
Wait for new class, get it to 13x, get bored.
No new class, go back to previous characters
and repeat
Mar 09 2011
Mesmus Level 27 Scania Phantom 1
Is golden temple the way to level 50+ ?
Mar 09 2011
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