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Empress's Grace for UA quest?

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Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
Hi everyone. I just read the patch notes, and it said to make a UA u need to complete this quest. I am a level 120 DW, but I didnt do it. To do it, did you need to do all Cygnus Missions? Starting from Mission in Henesy to the kerning to etc. etc.? Or is it juts one level 120 quest. THANK YOU greatly xD

EDIT: My dw is in el nath, just took a quest from jane that said [job]. Something about someone hunting zombies..? Now it disappeared and I cant find any in progress or availible, so i guess I fight zombies to find a note? THANK YOU
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well... im doing the quest now... and shes asks u to collect 10 sort of crystal balls.... u may think.. 10? thats all? pffff....... but oh man it is hard... drop rate is extremely low. its like collect 10 nependeath's honey! F5.
Ive been killing those blue birds for like 20-25 mins and just got 1! hope u guys can do it in MUCH LESS than that....
Mar 10 2011
shanecakes Level 160 Windia Wind Archer 4
I've been here for 40 mins hunting them birds, no drops WHATSOEVER
Mar 10 2011
trentea Level 110 Zenith Outlaw
hehe I got 1. now i gotta go to school
Mar 10 2011
Jovial Level 100 Windia Paladin
On 1.2x drop. Found none. :l
Mar 10 2011
grimangle Level 194 Elnido Mercedes 4
another 30 min has sign of peridots..
Mar 10 2011
benjaminlu Level 185 Scania Bow Master
another 30 min has sign of peridots..[/quote]

Lols thats not very motivational
hahaha xD

Well, GL i took a break since i couldnt be bothered to find anymore lol
Mar 10 2011
Glacier123 Level 170 Broa F/P Arch Mage
I got 2 in 50 minutes, without any boosts. This quest is just insane. Shouldn't getting to 120 be enough?
Mar 10 2011
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