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Mar 10 11
Zenith Blade Recruit
I finally hit 120 on my dawn warrior
but i did not get the level 120 quest to get my medal and echo skill?
is this a glitch or am i just doing something wrong?
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Mar 10 11*
There is a chain of quests before you can get the Echo and medal. The first quest to start you off should be 'Chasing the Knight' something. Do all of the quests that has a red prefix before them like 'Job Adv.', etc.

It involves A LOT of traveling, hunting (Manon and Griffey), one collection quest, NPC chats, and killing the Black Witch. There was a post earlier that helped me though the quests, I do not know where it is now...

EDIT: Found it:
Mar 10 11
Zenith Blade Recruit
yeah i know
but like idk when i click the light bulb above my head
there is no koc quest D:
well atleast not to my knowledge i gotta check after the patch
Mar 10 11
Try checking the completed quests tab for an quest that looks like 'Chasing the Knight'. It should be under the CK category if it's there. If it is there, head to Jade at El Nath.

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