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Lunar Dew for Empress's Might

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Has anyone found 20 yet? I've been looking for around an hour and still no drops jw

I know drop rate is low
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CelixMaster Level 202 Broa Demon Slayer 4
dbs can get the skill
Mar 10 2011
i was able to get 6 in under 2 hours am i just super lucky?
Mar 10 2011
nope, the people who are doing the quest can only get the CK Skill. the special skill to wear equips 10 lvl earlier are only for UAs[/quote]

if the empress' might skill is only for UA's then why do regular explorers get the quest for it?
Mar 10 2011
@ApoIogize: Not when I take 10 hours to do that many levels.[/quote]
It will take you longer to collect the drops then to actually level up 10 times.
Mar 10 2011
I gotta do the quest because I want shark wave on my brawler, and you have to do this quest first...
Mar 10 2011
i find it hard to beleive getting 6 in under 2 hours
i did it for 5 hours straight and nothing
Mar 11 2011
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