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lunar dew drops

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Yardii Level 120 Scania Corsair
wich rabbit is the best to hunt for lunar dews?
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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
don't fret it
The skills are useless[/quote]

i dont use cygnus skills for power only for looks

OT: both have same drop rate but male if you can use a mechs drill
Mar 12 2011
Karkain Level 211 Broa Hero
I say we hunt Shinsoo for the dews? He wants us to waste hours looking for the stupid things, so we should get back at him by hunting him like we hunt the rabbits.
Mar 12 2011
Theninja2777 Level 169 Scania Corsair
But I bet Shinsoo is Level over 9OOO because he has the cygnus queen (Lv 200+) **laying** on him all the time.
Mar 13 2011
Jinghang Level 153 Scania Phantom 4
Depends on your level. Either one is fine. But I can get through the whole male/brown rabbit map just before it respawns with Rush (warrior). Rush has like a 2-s delay in which you can't use it (has i-frames).
Mar 13 2011
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