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Have you found illusion 20?

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I've been hunting for this book for over a month now and havn't even come across one in the free market. Has anyone found one while killing monsters, and if so what where you killing to get it? I've been hunting what has been said to drop the for an eternity. I just need some clarification here. =\
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I've been killing sharks, I have a buddy that kills pianus, did memory monks and over a month later, nothing.
Mar 13 2011
I havent find it in Mardia fm too... yesterday used an owl to search fw 20 and illusion 20 and found a fw 20 for 1m >.>

and guess what...IT PASSED XD

so happy and now i only need illusion 20 (i heard that illusion 20 is super hard to find, see illuison 30 alot though)
Mar 13 2011
SolarGaurd Level 120 Mardia Blaze Wizard 3
I've got 7 points remaining and im wondering if i should just buy Mw 20 instead of going for illusion 20
Mar 13 2011
My initial question still wasn't answered. X_X Has anyone found one while grinding/hunting for it? lol
Mar 15 2011
Pinkmoshi Level 201 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Dont they drop from red dragon turtles too?
Mar 16 2011
Still searching. T_T Anyone else find one yet? lol
Mar 17 2011
tommay92 Level 120 Scania Bow Master
Qualm Monks drop FW 30 ... O_O Just saying.[/quote]
found that in the fm for 800k haha I still pwn
Mar 18 2011
Scania doesn't count. >_>
Mar 18 2011
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