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Von Leon prequests

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Today, my alliance buddies wanted me to go fight Von Leon and invited me to come. Seeing as how i already had close to 0% since I lvled the night before on vikings, I decided, "why not?"

However, when I tried to do the prequests... there was a terrible problem.... I can't finish the first quest where we have to kill those red lizards to save Jenn's brother... Being a bishop, I can't kill very fast and my buddies were telling me that you can only solo the first part. Isn't there anyway I can do the quest with another person SOMEHOW or do I just have to wait until I'm higher lvled and more powerful...?
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No way to get a friend in there to help you, sorry.
Mar 13 2011
You could use swiss cheese to help you kill faster.
Mar 13 2011
ramin8r Level 200 Windia Hero
lol i found that a pain in the ass burned like 50pots..but dayum that sucks, u could try swiss cheeses theyre quite cheap, and mayb get friends to buff u silly before you go in?
Mar 13 2011
I killed them in two minutes on my 142 at that time bishop. I used a cheese though.
Mar 13 2011

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