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How do you get the mirror of insight?

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Mar 17 11
Windia Mechanic 2
Can someone tell me how to get the mirror of insight cuz im new to dual blades. i never used one and im only lv 20
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Mar 17 11
Mardia Blade Recruit
i dont even know what that is... Is it for a job advancement? or what.
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Mar 17 11
KradiaGMS Blade Recruit
lol i googled it and found on hidden street:

Go to Victoria Road: Lady Syl's Room and talk to Lady Syl.
Enter the far left portal into the Marble Room and hit each marble repeatedly until you find a Mirror of Insight.
Then level up to Level 20.
Return to Lady Syl and talk to her.
You are now a Blade Recruit.
Mar 17 11*
Windia Blade Recruit
whaaaat? mirror image?
get to lv 70 and you'll have your answer

EDIT: ^ you have your answer

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