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Legendary Items! (How Rare They Are To MS)

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Sake Bottle-Antique Sake Bottles were in GMS At a time it was very rare to achieve in shrine it was discontinued shortly
Thai Muay String - UlTRA
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Posted: March


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the legendary frozen tuna >:
(too rare I do believe) c:
SlipKnoTanzSlipKnoTanz - Level 80 Scania
Mar 18 2011
Wolbis, there like extinct now
Mar 18 2011
I've seen 2 purple surfboards in Broa. Both terribly scrolled though lol but I believe they are both 3 lines.[/quote]
The one is 113 att 8% att, 20% bossing, Recover 27 HP when getting hit... 3%?

The other one was a 102 att with crap potential. 4%att, +430HP, +190MP I think.
Mar 18 2011
steel pipe
beginner tuna
EasyEasyEasyMrEasy - Level 200
Mar 18 2011
Plastic Bottle? (Kind of)
Tradeable Razor? (New ones are untradeable)
Sky Snowboard?
sokissTheReaIMulan - Level 27
Mar 18 2011
what about golden snowboards? they rare?
LOLfwappzLolfwappz2 - Level 150
Mar 18 2011
Wheat Sword = ULTRA RARE (anyone who gets the reference...)
Mar 18 2011
stirgeman cloak of justice[/quote]

I have one of those.

EDIT: Insert wish in there somewhere, because I only have the lv 20 thing...
Mar 18 2011
stirgeman cloak of justice[/quote]

I tried making this. I upgraded capes about 25-30 times, never got any sort of stirgeman cloak (there are 3.) I was on my last one and i sold it. The girl bought it and turned it into a cloak of justice after 2 upgrades. I was even kind enough to give her some of my leftover materials and show her exactly how to upgrade it. I couldn't believe she actually got it, but she did, and even let me try it on.

The waterworks cape is quite rare. I made a Shroud of Zakum cape once, and blew it up on a 90% those are pretty rare too considering how much is needed to forge one. I used to own 4 purple surfboards, I scrolled 2 of them pretty well, 119 and 129atk's, before 50%'s came out. I soled the 114, 115, and 119 ones pre-potential, and when potential scrolls came out, the 129atk fell victom to a 90% scroll. I still made billions off of those boards though Pretty much the only time I had over max mesos was after i sold the 119.

I'm trying to think of other rare items, i'll post again if i think of any
SlovakHockyNetMinder - Level 200
Mar 18 2011
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