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Legendary Items! (How Rare They Are To MS)

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Sake Bottle-Antique Sake Bottles were in GMS At a time it was very rare to achieve in shrine it was discontinued shortly
Thai Muay String - UlTRA
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Wolbis, there like extinct now
Mar 18 2011
I've seen 2 purple surfboards in Broa. Both terribly scrolled though lol but I believe they are both 3 lines.[/quote]
The one is 113 att 8% att, 20% bossing, Recover 27 HP when getting hit... 3%?

The other one was a 102 att with crap potential. 4%att, +430HP, +190MP I think.
Mar 18 2011
EasyEasyEasy Level 200 Khaini Night Lord
steel pipe
beginner tuna
Mar 18 2011
sokiss Level 22 Scania
Plastic Bottle? (Kind of)
Tradeable Razor? (New ones are untradeable)
Sky Snowboard?
Mar 18 2011
Wheat Sword = ULTRA RARE (anyone who gets the reference...)
Mar 18 2011
stirgeman cloak of justice[/quote]

I have one of those.

EDIT: Insert wish in there somewhere, because I only have the lv 20 thing...
Mar 18 2011
SlovakHocky Level 209 Broa Bishop
stirgeman cloak of justice[/quote]

I tried making this. I upgraded capes about 25-30 times, never got any sort of stirgeman cloak (there are 3.) I was on my last one and i sold it. The girl bought it and turned it into a cloak of justice after 2 upgrades. I was even kind enough to give her some of my leftover materials and show her exactly how to upgrade it. I couldn't believe she actually got it, but she did, and even let me try it on.

The waterworks cape is quite rare. I made a Shroud of Zakum cape once, and blew it up on a 90% those are pretty rare too considering how much is needed to forge one. I used to own 4 purple surfboards, I scrolled 2 of them pretty well, 119 and 129atk's, before 50%'s came out. I soled the 114, 115, and 119 ones pre-potential, and when potential scrolls came out, the 129atk fell victom to a 90% scroll. I still made billions off of those boards though Pretty much the only time I had over max mesos was after i sold the 119.

I'm trying to think of other rare items, i'll post again if i think of any
Mar 18 2011
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